After each General Session, the Legislature meets and discusses relevant items of significance during Interim Sessions. The Salt Lake Chamber’s public policy team actively tracks this process and helps navigate study items on behalf of members and the broader business community.

Looking ahead, the Utah Legislature just announced the topics of study for the upcoming interim sessions. There are a number of items that will highlighted in a series of blogs including tax reform, education policy and funding, transportation, economic development, air quality, and workforce policy.

One of Utah’s greatest economic assets is access to reasonably priced energy as a driver of Utah’s economic competitiveness and a foundation for broader economic strength, job creation, and rural economic development.

The Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee will be reviewing the state’s long-term energy policy in conjunction with the Office of Energy Development, and the future of renewables in Utah.

If you are interested in participating in the dialogue, consider joining the Salt Lake Chamber’s Natural Resources Business Council by contacting: Bre Perrone, Public Policy Coordinator (

38-15-1 is the Salt Lake Chamber Public Policy Update. From Congress and the Governor’s office to legislative committee rooms and city halls across the state, the Chamber is working to promote a pro-growth, business-focused agenda.

Moving forward, every month the Salt Lake Chamber policy team will give an update on relevant business issues that the Legislature’s bicameral study committees discuss. All of the meeting dates are regularly updated and can be found here.

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