Modern Healthcare Magazine has named Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, executive director of Intermountain Healthcare’s Precision Genomics, to the inaugural class of Top 25 Innovators. Under Dr. Nadauld’s direction Intermountain Healthcare’s Precision Genomics is discovering breakthroughs in disease treatment and medicine by studying patient DNA.

The magazine cited the importance of recognizing the work of those whose ideas are changing healthcare.

“For the industry to truly transform how it operates, innovation must take hold at all levels of an organization,” Modern Healthcare noted. “Often, a seemingly simple idea can lead to huge change. The inaugural class of Top 25 Innovators found new way to engage consumers, improve quality of care and lower costs.”

Modern Healthcare recognized Dr. Nadauld in the category of Quality and Safety.

“This is a huge and unexpected honor,” said Dr. Nadauld. “It’s great to have the hard work of our team recognized on a national level.”

Intermountain started Precision Genomics in 2013, with one of the first programs geared towards analyzing the DNA of patients with advanced cancers. Using the data, doctors can better match drug treatments to the patients.

“With our efforts we’ve seen an increase in overall survival of patients with advanced cancer, while seeing a decrease in costs,” said Dr. Nadauld. “State of the art treatment at a lower cost is rare in healthcare.”

Dr. Nadauld says by using Precision Genomics, the survival rate of advanced cancer patients improved from 26 to 52 weeks. While the cost of treating those patients dropped from $3400 to $2700 a week.

“Recognitions like this really validate the work we’re doing,” said Dr. Nadauld. “Advances in healthcare technologies and practices can move slowly.”

Earlier this year Precision Genomics announced a partnership with deCODE genetics to launch the groundbreaking HerediGene Population Study. It’s the largest and most comprehensive DNA mapping efforts ever undertaken in the United States. The hope is to voluntarily collect 500,000 patient DNA samples to develop better medicines and helps those predisposed to genetic diseases. So far more than 20,000 samples have been collected.

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