OREM, Utah — James Clarke, CEO of Clarke Capital Partners, a global growth equity and alternatives investment firm, was named chair of Utah Valley University’s Board of Trustees during a meeting on June 24, 2021, at the Orem campus. Jill Taylor was named first vice chair, and Rick Nielsen will serve as second vice chair.

“Chair Clarke brings a wealth of experience to the board,” said Astrid S. Tuminez, president of Utah Valley University (UVU). “He has a proven track record of sound decision-making and leadership, as well as a deep appreciation for and dedication to our students that align with UVU’s vision and mission. He embodies our core values of exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results. I look forward to working closely with Chair Clarke as he leads our Board of Trustees.”

James Clarke was appointed to the Board of Trustees in 2014. He served as first vice chair before being named chair. He also served as the chair of the UVU Foundation Board and is a university’s National Advisory Board member. 

Before accepting the role of chair, Clarke was responsible for overseeing the Foundation Board’s endowment. Professionally, James Clarke is the CEO of Clarke Capital Partners. In 2001, James founded and led Utah-based Clearlink — which has over 2,000 full-time employees today — until it was acquired in 2011 by Pamlico Capital (formerly Wachovia), which has since been acquired in 2016 by Sykes (NASDAQ: SYKE).  

Today, Clarke serves as chair or director on the boards of various private and public companies in the U.S. and abroad, including the 2017 IPO of PetIQ (NASDAQ:  PetIQ) and the recent private equity sale of Contour.

Clarke follows R. Duff Thompson who served as chair since June 2019. He was appointed to the Board of Trustees in 2013. 

“Chair Thompson has provided invaluable service and leadership during his time as a trustee,” said Utah Valley University President Astrid S. Tuminez. “We are grateful for his dedication to UVU’s mission and his commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities for all students. He has been a personal mentor to me and his legacy at UVU will last a long time.”

Former Chair Elaine Dalton and Trustee Karen Acerson’s terms also concluded. Three newly appointed trustees — Jeanette Bennett, Blake Modersitzki, and Cydni Tetro — will take the oath of office at the beginning of the fall 2021 semester.

Each trustee is appointed to serve a four-year term by the governor and then confirmed by the Utah Senate. Trustees can be reappointed for a second four-year term. The Board of Trustees oversees UVU curriculum, policies, degrees, facilities, and bylaws.

“We are grateful for the service of our trustees and the impact they have made,” Tuminez said. “Utah Valley University is the vibrant, flourishing institution that it is today because of decades of dedicated, visionary, and disciplined leadership by its Board of Trustees.”


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