Salt Lake City-May 20th, 2021 Second generation, family owned Kaddas Enterprises is a global leader in thermoform plastic manufacturing and has tripled revenues, in the last 3 years.

The protective sustainable product manufactured at Kaddas is used to avoid power outages caused by animals and protect birds of prey from electrocution.

Keynote speaker, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall, opened up the official launch of the 40,000 square feet expansion at the new Kaddas Enterprises, located at 255 North Apollo Road. She offered her congratulations and appreciation for the contribution of Kaddas Enterprises to the Capital city, and the indelible impact of small business to our state.

Natalie Kaddas, CEO of Kaddas Enterprises, emphasized the importance of integrating robotics into their manufacturing processes and provide continued opportunities for Utah’s workforce. This expansion will continue to provide cutting-edge solutions for their global customers in the Utility Industry.

Tate Mason, Director of World Center Birds of Prey in Boise, ID, recognized the commitment from business leaders like Natalie Kaddas, who successfully collaborate to support vital infrastructure. The BirdguarD™ product increase’s reliability on our national grid, prioritizes conservation of our Birds of Prey, and prevents wildfires.

World Center Birds of Prey honored the Kaddas Team’s conservation partnership with a bronze sculpture of a peregrine falcon in flight, by world renown sculpture Benjamin Victor.

“It was one of the most memorable moments in my career’ said Natalie Kaddas, president and CEO of Kaddas Enterprises. ‘The Kaddas Team will cherish this work of art for years to come, as it provides a reminder to us of one of our critical core values.

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