Natalie Gochnour and the Gardner Policy Institute have formed the Coal County Strike Team as part of the Schmidt Future American Dreams Idea Challenge. They are now one of five national candidates to receive $1 million to help raise incomes in Utah. The final presentation for the $1 million prize is set for June 27, 2019 in New York City. If successful, the Strike Team will invest this money in Carbon and Emery counties to assist with workforce training, tourism infrastructure, housing revitalization, and economic development. The Utah Legislature has already provided $500,000 in funding, specifically for workforce training.

We ask you to lend your support to this initiative by allowing the Strike Team to use your logo on a presentation slide in New York City. This slide will identify companies who support this important initiative, and want to see the prize money go to investments in Carbon and Emery County. Please let us know if the Strike Team can use your company’s logo. To do so, email Max Backlund at