From left to right: Sean England, Moreton & Company; Logan Sisam,Utah Department of Emergency Mangement; Larry Finch, Competitive Edge Office Systems; Rona Rahlf,  President, Utah Valley Chamber; and Mark Poole, Manufacturing Extension Program Center.

In partnership with the Utah Valley Chamber, the Salt Lake Chamber’s Cybersecurity Leadership Council led an educational seminar on October 25th in Provo, UT. These experts had a variety of insights to share to improve business operations.

1. Have you considered your liability?

As noted by Sean England of the insurance provider Moreton & Company, risk management is an executive team responsibility. If you are collecting the information of your customers, you have the unavoidable responsibility to protect it. Ignoring this risk is not a valid strategy and can lead to unfortunate liability issues. By working with an insurance provider you can develop an incident response plan and do your due diligence to protect yourself and your clients. For more information, see Sean’s presentation here.

2. Have you set yourself up for success by selecting cyber safe settings?

Servers, copiers, printers, scanners, content management systems, and other office devices have internet-connected capabilities and as a result they are vulnerable to data breaches. As explained by Larry Finch of the Competitive Edge Office Systems, there are settings that can be adjusted to ensure a cyber secure workplace. For more information see Larry’s presentation here.

3. Is your business as competitive as it could be?

Dod contractors have to meet certain cybersecurity requirements by December 31st, 2017 and the MEP Center is assisting Utah’s manufacturers as they upgrade their policies and procedures. Mark Poole explained the importance of reviewing the framework established by NIST 800-171 and how it improves your company’s chances when competing for business. You do not need IT personnel on hand to develop a cybersecurity plan and the MEP Center is here to help you. For more information see Mark’s presentation here.

4. How can you encourage secure data storage within your company?

Pat Lynch of Perpetual Storage discussed the hurdles to managing a cost-effective yet secure data storage system. The solution provided by his company is the Granite Cloud, an ultra-secure cloud storage configuration. However, before a company can begin to discuss storage options there is the hurdle of winning the buy-in of executive level leadership. In today’s economy we are amidst a transition in which cybersecurity is becoming a standard part of the risk management discussion. However, until our business culture has fully adjusted to the demands of our highly technological economy, it may be a challenge to encourage leadership towards modern business decision making considerations like cybersecurity. For more information, see Pat’s presentation here.

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