Lindon, UT – 2016 Business Friendly City

The following business regulation reviews/actions have been undertaken:
  • Impact Fee review resulting in a decrease in Sewer Impact Fees (July 2016)
  • Business Survey distributed via Facebook, City Website, and 196 randomly selected businesses via direct mail; feedback ongoing; survey: Found Here
  • Review of Solicitors’ Licensing requirements resulting in possible new reduced group licensing fee to streamline process (August 2016)
  • Review of sign ordinance to possibly allow electronic message signs (August 2016)
  • Approved zoning changes to allow additional used vehicle sales lots (Ordinances 2015-04-O; 2016-05-O; and 2016-06-O)
  • Reduced street side yard setback in Industrial zones to allow for larger building footprints (Ordinance 2015-18-O)
  • Overlaid streets with new asphalt in Gateway Redevelopment Area (June 2016)