SALT LAKE CITY (June 9, 2015) The Salt Lake Chamber has named Lori Chillingworth, executive vice president of Zions Bank, as the 107th person to serve as chair of the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors. Chillingworth will begin her one-year term as chair starting on July 1, 2015.

“We are fortunate to have Lori Chillingworth step forward as chair of our organization. I have great confidence in her and the direction she will provide the Chamber in the coming year,” said Lane Beattie, President and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber. “Lori is a professional who understands what it takes to be successful in today’s economy. Her insight as our incoming chair will elevate the Chamber in a way similar to the work done this past year by our outgoing chair, Terry Buckner.”

A successful banker, Chillingworth has been recognized four times in US Banker magazine’s “Most Powerful Women in Banking” issue, ranking among its “25 Women to Watch” list.

She is a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School.

“The Chamber’s work on critical policy issues has been a major force for shaping the business friendly climate that we have in this state,” said Chillingworth. “Utah is currently the fastest growing economy in the nation. We have been ranked the number one state by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Enterprising States Report two years in a row. The Chamber has played a significant role in these achievements, and during my tenure as chair of the Board of Governors we plan to encourage and continue this growth.”

Chillingworth takes over as chair for Terry Buckner, who is the president and CEO of the Buckner Company. As immediate past chair, Buckners’s influence will continue to play an active role on the Chamber Executive Board.

Keith McMullin, president and CEO of Deseret Management Corporation, will take over the role of vice chair on the Chamber’s Board of Governors. McMullin has served in his position with Deseret Management Corporation since April 2012. Prior to that, McMullin served as a second counselor in the Presiding Bishopric of the LDS Church.

1902            William A. Nelden

1904            Col. Edwin F. Holmes

1905            Heber M. Wells

1906            Charles A. Quigley

1907            W.J. Halloran

1910            Joy H. Johnson

1912            W.W. Armstrong

1913            Dr. E.D. Woodruff

1914            W.F. Jensen

1915            George A. Steiner

1916            F.C. Richmond

1919            Lester D. Freed

1920            C.B. Hawley

1921            F.C. Schramm

1922            L.B. Hampton

1923            Ross Beason

1924            Frank B. Cook

1925            Beverly S. Clendenin

1926            Malcolm A. Keyser

1927            Edward M. Ashton

1928            James J. Burke

1929            E.O. Howard

1930            Harold P. Fabian

1931            H.J. Plumhof

1932            A.S. Brown

1933            D.D. Muir, Jr.

1934            Paul F. Keyser

1935            W.E. Ryberg

1936            John M. Wallace

1937            Charles N. Fehr

1938            Marion C. Nelson

1939            Herbert A. Snow

1940            Charles L. Wheeler

1941            Earl J. Glade

1942            F.H. Knickerbocker

1944            F.S. Mulock

1945            F.M. Michelsen

1946            M.L. Dye

1947            Frank B. Streator

1948            W.P. Dunn

1949            Glen L. Stanley

1950            Thornton D. Morris

1951            C. Cash Rampton

1952            Howard W. Price

1953            Sid H. Eliason

1954            W.T. Nightingale

1955            Frederick R. Hinckley

1956            Edward M. Naughton

1957            W.L. Fields

1958            Oscar A. Glaeser

1959            Dilworth S. Woolley

1960            F. Gerald Irvine

1961            Ned Winder

1962            John P. O’Keefe

1963            M.M. Fidlar

1964            Ted C. Jacobsen

1965            Kenneth J. Sullivan

1966            Edward W. Jenkins

1967            Scharf S. Sumner

1968            Fred F. Auerbach

1969            Arch L. Madsen

1970            Richard A. Van Winkle

1971            E. Allan Hunter

1972            Warren E. Pugh

1973            Dr. Paul D. Keller

1974            John E. Lattin

1975            S. Chris Johnson

1976            Richard W. Wells

1977            B.Z. Kastler

1978            Wendell J. Ashton

1979            Ashby S. Decker

1980            Thomas W. Lindblom

1981            Desmond J. Barker, Jr.

1982            Boyd A. Blackner

1983            John M. Scowcroft

1984            John A. Dahlstrom

1985            Robert H. Garff

1986            H. Roger Boyer

1987            D. N. (Nick) Rose

1988           Wm. James Mortimer

1989            W. Mack Lawrence

1990            Mark Miller

1991            R. Don Cash

1992            L. Scott Nelson

1993            Verl R. Topham

1994            Kenneth Y. Knight

1995            Arlen B. Crouch

1996            Stephen D. Swindle

1997            Mark W. Stromberg

1998            Alan S. Layton

1999            William H. Nelson

2000            Patricia A. Richards

2001            Kem C. Gardner

2002            A. Scott Anderson

2003            A. Scott Anderson & Prescott Muir

2004            Mark Howell

2005            Clark D. Ivory

2006            Keith Rattie

2007            Scott Hymas

2008            Chris Redgrave

2009            Jake Boyer

2010            Scott Parson

2011           David Golden

2012            Ray Pickup

2013            Ron Jibson

2014           Terry Buckner

About the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors

The Salt Lake Chamber Executive Board includes leaders from a cross-section of the Utah economy including banking, health care, mining, legal, publishing, construction, marketing, property management and energy. Businesses of all sizes are represented on the Board.

About the Chamber

The Salt Lake Chamber is Utah’s largest business association and Utah’s business leader. A statewide chamber of commerce with members in all 29 Utah counties, the Chamber represents more than 8,000 businesses and 500,000 Utah jobs—nearly half the workforce of our state. With roots that date back to 1887, the Chamber stands as the voice of business, supports its members’ success and champions community prosperity.