Green Janitorial Services is one of the many businesses that received a Mainstreet Preservation Grant.

Here is their story:

“We are an environmentally friendly cleaning company. Our services are performed with biodegradable and environmentally friendly techniques and products, unlike other cleaning companies that use chemicals that harm the health of customers even themselves, in addition our service is very detailed and of excellent quality. We create healthy environments so that our clients can breathe the tranquility of a clean and organized place.

“My name is Claudia Hinojosa originally from Mexico, I arrived in this country 11 years ago, I am a mother of four kids. We started the business in 2018 to provide for my family since I was alone with 4 children, I worked in the cleaning industry but no matter how many hours I worked, the money was not enough, so I made the decision to start my own business. Despite the language barrier, our business has always come out ahead, it has not been easy, but we continue learning.

“As a result of covid-19, 80% of our clients put their cleaning services on hold as they had to close their businesses. residential cleaning clients reduced services due to social distancing. With this award we will have the opportunity to bring back most of our people. My employees are women, many immigrants and in some cases homeless.

“The Mainstreet Preservation Grant gives us a huge opportunity to continue operating until we can recover from the losses of recent months.”

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The Mainstreet Preservation Grant, provided by the Salt Lake Chamber’s Utah Job Opportunities Foundation, is made possible thanks to a $500,000 donation from WCF Insurance. The grant funds are used to support rural and/or minority small businesses in Utah that need immediate assistance due to the COVID-19 and before federal stimulus funding is accessed. These grant funds are intended to help businesses in the short-term. To donate or learn more about the Mainstreet Preservation Grant, visit