Griffin Grocery, has been locally owned since 1967, working hard to provide the good people of Escalante with quality and friendly service.

Griffin Grocery is one of the many businesses that received a Mainstreet Preservation Grant. According to owner Brent Griffin, “We greatly appreciate the Salt Lake Chamber and WCF Insurance for this grant, and want to let them know of our sincere gratitude at this time. We are a small ‘ma and pop’ shop in the town of Escalante with only 800 people trying to keep open and safe for our community as well as service the thousands of tourists that come through our community.

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The Mainstreet Preservation Grant, provided by the Salt Lake Chamber’s Utah Job Opportunities Foundation, is made possible thanks to a $500,000 donation from WCF Insurance. The grant funds are used to support rural and/or minority small businesses in Utah that need immediate assistance due to the COVID-19 and before federal stimulus funding is accessed. These grant funds are intended to help businesses in the short-term. To donate or learn more about the Mainstreet Preservation Grant, visit