Tracing its origins to 1990. David and Leti had a vision and passion to one day fulfill their dreams as entrepreneurs. Both immigrants to the United States, they worked hard to take part in the American Dream. David and Leti moved to Utah in 1974 so that David could attend Brigham Young University. As their small family started to grow, David immediately accepted a job as an Accountant for Amoco Oil and Leti worked as a data processor for Varian Medical Systems. Years later, they knew their quest in life was to pursue David’s talent and skill in the art of cooking.

In 1990, with hopes of sending their oldest child to college they knew they had to make a change to provide a means to pay for their children’s college education. With that in mind, they both knew it was a time for change. In June of 1991, David and Leti opened their first restaurant and location called South Pacific Market & Restaurant in the heart of Glendale, Utah. After 5 years of service at that location, David sold the business and found a larger location with a new name of Pacific Seas Market & Restaurant. Pacific Seas has been in several locations since and has been continually serving the Polynesian Community across the Wasatch Front.

Pacific Seas offers a variety of entrees featuring the favored tastes of the South Pacific Islands such as seafood, taro leaves wrapped with lamb, pork sausage, salted brisket, lamb ribs and much more. We are grateful for those in our community who have supported Pacific Seas during the past 30 plus years of business. Our passion is driven by the customers we serve, and with that we are committed to providing all our patrons with excellent customer service and product.

Pacific Seas Restaurant is one of the many businesses that received a Mainstreet Preservation Grant. According to owners, David and Leti Lavulo, “We as many of our other neighboring businesses across the state of Utah and nationwide have faced very uncertain times as a result of this Covid19 Pandemic. Pacific Seas Restaurant too is suffering from the spread of Covid-19. As a business we have suffered various days with an all time record low in revenue sales because of the pandemic. We are struggling to find product(s) due to shortages and delays because of Covid19. As a business owner, during these uncertain times, we worry if we will be able to even make payroll at the end of the week or if we could continue to maintain our current employees. Customer volume has decreased due to the quarantine restrictions and recommended guidelines to stay home and stay safe. Although, we are supportive 100%, these are some of the many difficulties that we as business owners are suffering from.

“Pacific Seas Restaurant was determined to seek out all resources that were available to help us stay afloat during these difficult times. We as business owners were so ecstatic to know of the selection. As a recipient of the Mainstreet Preservation Grant, we are fortunate, as this financial contribution will help aid towards payroll expenditures, and any other pertinent business expense. It is indeed a great help and we are appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to receive this Mainstreet Preservation Grant. We are committed to continually serve our community and our hopes are to one day reciprocate the same financial assistance to someone else in the future.”

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The Mainstreet Preservation Grant, provided by the Salt Lake Chamber’s Utah Job Opportunities Foundation, is made possible thanks to a $500,000 donation from WCF Insurance. The grant funds are used to support rural and/or minority small businesses in Utah that need immediate assistance due to the COVID-19 and before federal stimulus funding is accessed. These grant funds are intended to help businesses in the short-term. To donate or learn more about the Mainstreet Preservation Grant, visit