Shirts to a T, is a Custom T-shirt shop started in 1990 in Morgan when Karen Haddock bought a small screen printing press and used her garage. Over the years we have grown and built a reputation of quality work and good service. As part of the company’s growth, Karen’s son, Brian,  joined the team.  

As our business has increased over the years we have helped in the community, have expanded our available products, and provided goods to businesses, sports teams, and others needing customized apparel.

Shirts to a T is one of the many businesses that received a Mainstreet Preservation Grant. According to owner, Brian Haddock: “The Mainstreet Preservation Grant has helped us in our business to keep going and to believe that we can pull through this tough economic time. We are very appreciative to the Salt Lake Chamber and the Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce.”

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The Mainstreet Preservation Grant, provided by the Salt Lake Chamber’s Utah Job Opportunities Foundation, is made possible thanks to a $500,000 donation from WCF Insurance. The grant funds are used to support rural and/or minority small businesses in Utah that need immediate assistance due to the COVID-19 and before federal stimulus funding is accessed. These grant funds are intended to help businesses in the short-term. To donate or learn more about the Mainstreet Preservation Grant, visit