South China Restaurant is one of the many recipients of the Mainstreet Preservation Grant.

Here is their story:

“The restaurant originated in 1999. Dylun Evans managed the restaurant from 2004-2010. Matthew Hart then took over management duties from 2010-2018. We then decided to purchase the business on October 12, 2018. Both of us have loved the establishment enough to make sure it lives on through our families. We feel our friendly and speedy service really sets us apart. As well as the freshest food Richfield has to offer.

“We love our staff! They are amazing people who do such a great job. Through this pandemic they have really banded together to make sure the establishment lives on. Since moving to take-out only, everyone has had to be trained into different roles than before. Only a few weeks in and we are running like a well oiled machine. We are so grateful for them.

“This is why the Mainstreet Preservation Grant means so much. Through these hard times it has definitely been harder to make ends meet. Keep the same number of staff as before and facilitate as many work hours. But with this grant, we are able to keep payroll going, keep everyone employed and offer more work hours. Thank you Salt Lake Chamber!

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The Mainstreet Preservation Grant, provided by the Salt Lake Chamber’s Utah Job Opportunities Foundation, is made possible thanks to a $500,000 donation from WCF Insurance. The grant funds are used to support rural and/or minority small businesses in Utah that need immediate assistance due to the COVID-19 and before federal stimulus funding is accessed. These grant funds are intended to help businesses in the short-term. To donate or learn more about the Mainstreet Preservation Grant, visit