The Salt Lake Chamber is Utah’s largest and longest standing business association. Because of that, we get to know some pretty great businesses. We’ve chosen to highlight some of our members through a program known as “The Membership Business Spotlight.” Our hope is to grow our community’s connection to one another. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a future business partner or connection.

This month we’re highlighting: Company Cup 5k

About Company Cup 5k

At Company Cup 5K, our goal is to help you, the employer, build the healthiest workforce on the planet. Because wellness and safety are so closely related, having a healthier workforce will increase your safety.

Did You Know?

For every dollar invested in wellness programs, employers can expect to save $2-$3 in healthcare costs. (

What Most Employer Programs Look Like

According to recent statistics, while 72% of companies offer some sort of fitness component to their wellness program only 21% of employees actually participate.  The reason why is there is no accountability and/or the program is not exciting enough. Think about, do you want to take a virtual walk to each of your offices? The answer is no and neither do your employees.

Why Company Cup is Different

We designed a 12 week turn-key training program that participants can access on their own time combing the elements of:

  1. Training programs for beginner(walk/run), intermediate and advanced runners
  2. Nutrition Advice
  3. Injury Prevention and Rehab
  4. Sports Psychology and Behavior Modification

Every person/team that registers will have access to this training program. We also know that peer pressure is a real thing and by building teams it helps keep team members socially accountable in order to accomplish their desired goal.