The Salt Lake Chamber is Utah’s largest and longest standing business association. Because of that, we get to know some pretty great businesses. We’ve chosen to highlight some of our members through a program known as “The Membership Business Spotlight.” Our hope is to grow our community’s connection to one another. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a future business partner or connection.

This month we’re highlighting: U.S. Translation Company

Through the month of August, U.S. Translation company is offering 15% off website translation. Contact them for more information.

About U.S. Translation Company


US Translation Company was founded on —and continues to operate on— the core values of integrity, respect, and discipline. Our individual employees each embody these values in their tireless commitment to serving our clients. Our corporate culture embodies them as well: we foster an atmosphere of dedicated, intensely focused camaraderie in which each individual works as part of a tight team, yet freely helps others. Even our corporate finances reflect our ideals. Through intense fiscal responsibility, US Translation Company has grown steadily and profitably, and has done so without acquiring debt.


Our famous white glove service has won us numerous loyal customers. For US Translation Company, such service is just the way to do business. For our customers, it’s a drink of cold water in the middle of the Sahara. We achieve such superb service by empowering our world-class project managers to provide as much support as you, the client want from them. Want ideas for how to penetrate the EU medical device market? They know a fair amount about that, and can point you to additional resources. Alternatively, if you prefer as little contact as possible, they won’t have their feelings hurt.


We get it: every LSP claims to specialize in every industry out there. At US Translation Company, we believe that in trying to serve everyone, a language services firm winds up serving nobody well. Accordingly, we serve a few limited verticals, and we do so well.