The Salt Lake Chamber is Utah’s largest and longest standing business association. Because of that, we get to know some pretty great businesses. We’ve chosen to highlight some of our members through a program known as “The Membership Business Spotlight.” Our hope is to grow our community’s connection to one another. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a future business partner or connection. This month we’re highlighting: Choosy Chocolates.

Chamber Corporate Gift Set Special

Choosy Chocolates is a proud member of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce. As the Salt Lake City Chambers’ featured member for April, Choosy Chocolates wants to offer members a unique, original and outstanding corporate gift set for a fraction of its normal cost.

The Chamber of Commerce Corporate Gift Set includes:

  • Bag of Choosy Chocolates Gourmet Popcorn
  • Salted Caramels Box
  • Chocolate covered Cinnamon Bears
  • 0.5lb Choosy English Toffee
  • Chocolate Covered Licorice
  • Peanut Butter Pillow Patties
  • Bag of Bordeaux Creams
  • Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow Popsicle

All of these hand crafted products would normally retail for $64.99 – but to express our commitment to local business and our gratitude to the Chamber of Commerce we are offering all of this for only $31.99 – a saving of over 50%!

This offer is only available for a limited time and whilst stocks last.

Get Yours Now!

About Choosy Chocolates

Choosy Chocolates started life over a decade ago when founders Paul and Trish Adams opened a small chocolate and confectionary store in a sleepy rural town called Richfield in Utah’s picturesque Sevier Valley. Over time the company expanded its portfolio offering gift baskets and customized confectionary items eventually adding the world famous Sundance Catalog and various casino locations in both Las Vegas and Wendover to their ever expanding portfolio of high profile clientele.

As word spread and the customer base began to increase considerably, Paul & Trish were at a cross roads. Either continue its small scale, rurally based operation or move to the beautiful urban center Salt Lake City to gain access to a larger population, a vibrant workforce, business links and an increased production capacity. It was during the move to Salt Lake City, Utah that the name Choosy Chocolates was born. With a small town community and family based ethos combined with the hard work ethic of the big city Choosy Chocolates is determined to fulfil your wildest gastronomic fantasies using only the very best ingredients and the most skilled chocolatiers.

The ever expanding Choosy Chocolates range varies from gourmet air popped popcorn and chocolate covered fruit to traditional candy bars and everything in between. We also offer specialty seasonal confectionary items linked to your favorite holidays. Whether it is Christmas, St Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving or Easter, Choosy Chocolates will always have an appropriate item for any occasion.

At Choosy Chocolates we love saying thank you. One of the best ways to express appreciation is through gift baskets. Over the year’s gift baskets have become one of our most popular items, but at Choosy Chocolates simply sending monotonous gift baskets wasn’t enough. We know that everyone is unique, so why would we want to send everyone the same gift basket? Our gift basket customization process is as unique as you are and so allows you to tailor your gift basket to the particular preferences of the recipient. From basket type and packaging to contents and flavors everything is customizable.

Choosy Chocolates –Be Choosy.

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