As part of the Salt Lake Chamber’s Meet the Candidates Series, we will discuss voting in Judicial Retention Elections. There are 59 individual Judges on Utah ballots this year — these retention elections are among the least understood issues voters are asked to address. Utah’s Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission evaluates and provides important information to the public to help inform voters about these very important elections. Join our exceptional panel of leaders from Utah’s Judiciary and JudicialPerformance Evaluation Commission to learn from the experts about the process of judicial retention elections, how evaluations are done, and how to be well informed about the judges on the ballot.
  • Chief Justice Matthew Durrant, Chief Justice, Utah Supreme Court
  • David Jordan, Shareholder, Stoel Rives; Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission Commissioner and Executive Committee member
  • Rick Hoffman, Shareholder, Lone Peak Valuation Group; Utah State Bar Commissioner; Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee Commissioner
  • Jennifer Yim, Executive Director, Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee
  • Jacey Skinner, General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Policy Salt Lake Chamber