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The Salt Lake Chamber is a champion Utah’s spectacular natural environment as a legacy passed to us from preceding generations. It provides recreational opportunities and natural beauty that attracts great companies and employees. Our natural resources also keep our communities strong and are an essential part of many business processes. We must thoughtfully approach how we appropriately balance these economic interests.


  • Public awareness and research – We support efforts to help Utah residents better understand the causes and effects of poor air, including funding research and promoting voluntary actions to improve air quality.
  • Federal PM2.5 standards compliance – We remain actively engaged and supportive of the PM2.5 State Implementation Plan (SIP). We also applaud and support the efforts of Gov. Herbert and local refiners to accelerate implementation and investments for the Tier 3 Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Standards Program.
  • Federal ozone standards – We are concerned that the EPA’s lower ozone standard will disproportionately impact the Intermountain West due to high levels of “background ozone.” This lower standard will adversely affect our state’s economy without a clear impact on societal health. We will actively engage in the stakeholder process and support efforts to clarify the rule to maximize common sense, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Providing transportation options – We support increased transportation funding to improve our transit systems, active transportation infrastructure and last mile options to reduce mobile emissions and eliminate idling on Utah’s roadways.
  • Cleaner vehicles and fuels – We support incentives to convert state, commercial and private sector fleets to cleaner vehicles, as well as the necessary fuel and support infrastructure for low emissions vehicles. This includes accelerated implementation of the Tier 3 Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Standards Program and other alternative fuels.
  • Area sources – As area sources become a greater contributor to our emissions inventory, we support efforts to raise public awareness of building energy performance.
  • Small business focus – We support incentives that facilitate small business participation in emission reductions and minimize costs incurred as a result of further regulations. We also support incentives to help small businesses retrofit existing structures to improve energy efficiency.


  • Competitive edge – We support efforts to enhance access to competitively priced energy as a key driver of our economic competitiveness. This acts as a foundation for broader economic strength, supporting job creation and rural economic development.
  • Responsible development – We support policies that encourage and facilitate the responsible development, management and use of natural resources. These essential resources ensure access to a high standard of living and quality of life, create jobs and provide a solid foundation for broader economic strength.
  • Energy efficiency – We promote energy efficiency and cost-effective energy options for businesses in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Energy Development and the wattsmart® program.
  • Public awareness and research – We support efforts to help Utah residents better understand the impact of energy and minerals on our economy, including supporting funding for improved research to promote innovation and efficiencies.


  • Outdoor and tourism industry – We support fostering accelerated growth in the outdoor recreation and tourism sectors of our economy in collaboration with the Office of Outdoor Recreation, Office of Global Branding, Tourism and Film located in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), the Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah) and other key partners.
  • Statewide recreation plan – We support the development of a long-term recreation plan that provides additional facilities to meet growing demand, promotes tourism, improves outdoor access for residents and addresses other needs. We also support efforts to promote improved outdoor recreation infrastructure and opportunities throughout Utah and grow rural economies through enhanced recreation and tourism — a concept called “rourism.”
  • Life Elevated® – We support funding to promote Utah’s natural beauty to attract tourism and businesses. We also support long-term efforts and commitments to Utah’s tourism marketing, including the Tourism Marketing Performance Fund (TMPF).
  • Accommodating visitors – We support policies that promote the growth of our state’s convention industries and create a more welcoming and inclusive nightlife experience for locals and visitors alike.

To see specific principles, positions or priorities for Natural Resources and Environment, please see the 2016 Public Policy Guide.


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Utah’s unique natural resources, wholesome environment and strategic positioning as the crossroads of the West are priceless heritages. They require exceptional business leadership, visionary approaches and responsible citizenries spanning the generations.
Keith McMullin, CEO, Deseret Management Corporation, Vice Chair, Salt Lake Chamber