A purposeful and engaged business community has made our state what it is today. The Chamber has been the hallmark of good common sense public policy.

“The Chamber is a place of action because of the influence our business leaders have and lend to common issues,” said Beattie. “In recent years, the Chamber has endeavored to broaden its influence on Capitol Hill, and throughout the state, with new resources, tools and programs.”

A major new focus for the Chamber has been to advance programming around corporate citizenship as a resource for those businesses dedicated to making a difference in our community. While there is a need for business leadership on specific pieces of legislation, a lot can be gained from the business community helping to solve fundamental social challenges by investing their time and capital — without government intervention.

“It’s critical the business leaders are engaged directly in the community,” said Beattie. “More than anything we’ve found that businesses are doing a great deal to give back and deserve recognition. Their efforts also complement our efforts to advance policy by showing the business community has skin-in-the-game on the issue and are already a part of the solution.”

Additionally, the Chamber has shifted to be more data-driven in its advocacy, and is at the core of its mission, to provide the business community with critical information on Utah’s economy. During this transition, the Chamber became a founding partner in the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah, led by the Chamber’s chief economist and former COO, Natalie Gochnour.

“The community united behind a goal of creating a data-driven, independent, influential and trusted public policy institute that will help keep Utah beautiful and prosperous,” said Gochnour. “Our job is to help leaders “navigate” through complex issues and the partnership with important leaders in the community, like the Chamber have been key to our success.”

In 2017, the Chamber launched a new initiative to engage in a statewide effort to create a generationally-defining economic blueprint.

“As the builders of Utah’s dynamic economy, we need to keep thinking ahead about the big ideas. Productive collaboration, commitment to problem solving and determination need to continue to guide our state’s long-term economic direction and competitiveness,” said Beattie.

These initiatives show Beattie’s unyielding drive to achieve his vision and appetite for tackling the next big challenge. As the state’s largest and longest-serving business association, the Chamber has greatly benefited from Beattie’s leadership and returned to its rightful place as Utah’s business leader.