This past session the Legislature acted to limit non-compete agreements. Many of you have expressed your continued concern with this legislation (H.B. 251) and we want to provide you an update on this issue.

We continue to actively work to preserve reasonable and responsible uses of non-compete agreements. This remains an important issue for the Chamber’s leadership, business leaders and staff.

In the past several months, the working group has developed a path-forward that puts data before any further efforts to legislate on this issue. Simply put, we will be conducting comprehensive Utah based research on this issue. Attached is a letter and slide deck that goes into more detail.

This effort will include collaborators on all sides of this issue. It will take into account the perspectives of employers and employees. To ensure the employer and employee legal perspectives are accurately and fairly accounted for, the Employment Law Section of the Utah State Bar is also deeply engaged in this effort.

This is being done to gain a better understanding on the uses and impact of non-compete agreements, the impact of recent legislation on Utah employers, employees and corporate recruitment efforts. We have the utmost confidence in the Cicero Group’s ability to conduct this research.

Additionally, legislative leadership in both houses have committed to fund $50,000 for half of the cost of the study. This means we need your support for the other half. Any amount of contribution is welcome and encouraged.

We will also be hosting two Q/A sessions with the research team and stakeholders. These will be held before the research is in the field. The two dates are Sept. 26 and Sept. 28 at 11 a.m., here at the Chamber. This is an open invitation to any member of the business community.

In the weeks following the open-houses, we will also be soliciting your participation in the research. We have a goal of reaching 1,000 business executives from individual companies. It is my hope that with your help we can exceed that and get as comprehensive of a view from the business community as possible.

If you have additional questions and/or plan to make a contribution please follow up directly with Michael Parker (801-541-8466) on our staff.


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