At the end of the last session, the Salt Lake Chamber committed to continue the dialogue on non-compete agreements through the interim and future legislative sessions. During the interim period, the working group has met numerous times to discuss the research project. We stand by the 2016 compromise on this issue, and before any further efforts to legislate, we support completing, distributing and considering the results of the data-driven, Utah-based research on non-compete agreements currently underway. We expect the research to be completed in late-February.

Last Friday, Chamber staff, members of the business community’s working group, GOED, Sen. Adams and Cicero met with Rep. Shultz, Rep. Hawkes and Speaker Hughes to discuss the timeline for completing the research and any additional next steps. During the meeting, Speaker Hughes and Rep. Schultz expressed their commitment to finalizing the research project prior to advancing legislation on this issue.

During these and any future discussions, the Salt Lake Chamber will continue to advocate and protect the reasonable and responsible uses of non-compete agreements and other post-employment restrictive covenants that adequately protect both employers and employees, and are freely and openly entered into by both parties.

In the coming weeks, the Cicero group will be finalizing the survey research, conducting in-depth interviews with economic development partners and prospects, as well as focus groups on this topic.

We will have further updates as the research project completes.