It is by no accident that Utah is one of the best-governed states in the country. While our elected officials are top notch, the success of our state rests not on just their shoulders alone. It is thanks, in part, to all of the citizens and organizations that get involved in the legislative process. Getting involved is paramount to the Chamber’s mission: to stand as the voice of business, to support our members’ success and to champion community prosperity.

The Salt Lake Chamber believes it is critical that the business community be heard by the lawmakers who create the legislation that impacts our economy and quality of life. One way we ensure this critical voice is heard is by bringing our priorities straight to Utah’s legislators.

This year the Salt Lake Chamber unveiled its new Top 10 Legislative Priorities—a publication that lays out the Chamber’s top priorities for the upcoming Legislative Session. Unlike the Chamber’s Public Policy Guides of the past, which outlined all of our principles and positions, this new publication focuses only on the most critical business-driven and economically-focused issues currently facing our state.

Topping the list this year—Tax Modernization. We need to act now and modernize our tax code to ensure we can keep up with the modern economy. We have waited far too long to address this issue, and failure to do so now risks our ability to invest in the infrastructure and services necessary to support future generations.

We must also address the greatest challenge facing Utah’s businesses—a qualified workforce. Enhancing the quality and size of our workforce is of the utmost importance and should be a central focus this Legislative Session. By meeting Utah’s talent needs through education funding, talent development, recruitment, retainment, and balanced participation we can ensure Utah continues to compete in the growing global economy.

Beyond these priorities, maintaining Utah’s unparalleled quality of life means we need to address other issues like air quality, housing affordability and infrastructure.

I would encourage all of you, if you haven’t already, to take a look at our 2018 Top 10 Legislative Priorities. This publication is the result of months of hard work by the Salt Lake Chamber board, committees, and by many of you, our members.

Now that the Legislative Session has begun, it is just as important to stay involved and up to date with what’s taking place on the Hill. That’s why we send out weekly “38-15-1” updates featuring highlights from the session, Chamber priority votes and bills worth watching. The support of our membership is critical in advancing the Chamber’s policy priorities. We hope that with your support we’ll see a large number of our priorities passed this Legislative Session.