For many years, state and community leaders have looked forward to the year 2020 as a future milestone for setting goals and developing policy. The future is here! And we can’t help but reflect on where Utah — and particularly its economy and community — stands in terms of where we were, where we are, and how we move forward.

This century has been a period of unprecedented growth for our state. Our population has increased by nearly 1.2 million people in the last 20 years and is projected to do the same in the next 20. As a result, demands on our schools, our roads, and our resources have increased significantly. While we have benefited from the increased diversity, workforce resources, and accompanying economic growth, we have also felt the strain.

Because of and despite this significant growth, Utah is a place where people want to live, build businesses, and raise families. Utah is a unique community where we work together to solve difficult challenges. Because of wise leadership and strong partnerships we have navigated this remarkable growth well, but we must continue in a careful, thoughtful, and responsible way. Toward this end, our business community has never been so active in public policy issues — wholly invested in promoting Utah’s continued economic prosperity.

To capitalize on this, the Salt Lake Chamber has restructured its policy process to more fully represent its members and improve engagement between business, community, state, and national leaders. As the voice of business in Utah, the Salt Lake Chamber is committed to building a bright future. Through trusted and constructive partnerships that balance and accurately reflect the interests of businesses and the individuals and families who depend on them, we know that we can continue to grow in a way that will preserve Utah as the best state in America to live and work for the next 20 years and beyond. 

On January 17, the Salt Lake Chamber will release its 2020 Legislative Priorities at the Utah Economic Outlook & Public Policy Summit. I invite you to join us. Click here to learn more.