As Utah’s business leader, providing the business community key information on Utah’s economy is central to our mission. As such, we are excited to share with you a new benefit of membershipthe Salt Lake Chamber’s Utah Outlook.

Given the success of the Chamber’s CEOutlook, we are pleased to announce that the concept has now expanded to include the Utah Outlook—a new and authoritative state-wide poll measuring Utahns’ sentiments on issues relevant to us and our communities. As with CEOutlook, which measures opinions from business executives, the polling information in Utah Outlook will be released every quarter and made available to all Chamber members.

Not only are we excited by the rich and relevant data that will be provided on a regular basis through CEOutlook and Utah Outlook as independent data sets, but also how it will allow Utah’s business community to monitor and extrapolate trends, opportunities and other data relevant to their decision-making.

The inaugural Utah Outlook poll, conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, includes information on critical contemporary issues, including the 2019 Salt Lake City mayoral race, 2020 gubernatorial race and tax reform.

By empowering our members through information, we will continue to fulfill our mission to amplify the voice of business, promote success, and champion community prosperity.

We are excited to share this new resource with you and hope you will take advantage of it. 

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