It’s time to leave 2017 behind and set your sights to new heights for 2018. The new year affords all of us the opportunity to focus on what we can do to better ourselves, our company and our communities.

When you think of New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to think about goals like losing weight, getting outdoors, and spending more time with family. But resolutions should not be confined to just our personal lives. The new year is the perfect time to reevaluate your business or organization and make sure you’re set up for success in 2018. Making business resolutions may be one of the best things you do for your company and employees this new year.

If your business or organization is focused on drawing in new customers and creating new revenue this new year, you might want to start with your employees. Let 2018 be the year to focus on creating a great company culture. Think of the wise J. Willard Marriott who built an empire with this business philosophy: “Take care of associates and they’ll take care of your customers.” Company culture matters. Happy employees are engaged and committed to the success of the company they work for, plus a positive company culture helps employers continue to attract top talent and motivated A+ team players.

A big part of keeping employees happy is creating a healthy workplace. By creating a positive, safe and healthy environment, morale is increased, work-life balance is improved, and ultimately, there’s a positive impact on the company.

There are simple things that can be done to improve the work space, like creating more natural light, placing plants around the office, providing standing desk options and social meeting spaces.

Healthy workplaces also need a healthy workforce. Companies can do their part by offering healthy food options or incentivizing employees to get active. Here at the Salt Lake Chamber, we supply our employees with a gym membership and just recently implemented monthly yoga classes to encourage our employees to stretch out and de-stress.

Having the very best people on your team should give you the piece of mind to let go a little bit in 2018. Set a resolution to delegate more. Sharing projects with competent colleagues and employees allows you to focus on more important tasks and growth strategies. If you have an A+ team and are not fully utilizing them, it’s time to take a fresh look at your responsibilities and see what jobs you can pass on to others.

The new year is also a great time to implement cybersecurity resolutions that keep your data safe and business operations moving smoothly. Simple things like setting strong passwords, learning how to recognize and respond to a phishing email, keeping your software up to date, and having your data backed up can have a huge impact on your company or organization’s vulnerability level. Remember, no business is safe from cyber attacks. If you collect it, it’s your business to protect it.

Taking stock of existing efforts, investing in employee satisfaction, evaluating cybersecurity protocols, and making plans for strategic growth are great ways to ensure success in 2018.