The Salt Lake Chamber’s “Stay Safe to Stay Open” initiative provides guidelines for businesses and consumers to move Utah’s economy from orange to yellow to green, offering best practices and access to resources that can be used by retail stores, restaurants, and others as we overcome effects of the coronavirus. In the beginning, the core advice to protect against COVID-19 was to stay home, which was only a triage method to get us through an acute urgent phase. As we move forward, however, businesses and consumers need guidelines to safely re-engage, and those measures must be as adaptable as they are enduring.

The “Stay Safe to Stay Open” initiative shifts the focus to what businesses can do to protect customers and maintain economic viability. Staying safe will allow our industries to singularly focus on best practices and safe habits that will mitigate viral spread now and in the future. The simple truth is that it is one thing to be open for business, but it is entirely different for consumers to feel comfortable engaging in commerce and to embrace practices that will protect them, as well as the employers and employees they patronize.

Agreement to engage in hygienic and sustainable practices between employers, employees and clientele will keep us safe and allow the economy to rebound. To accomplish this, we all must practice the following seven safe habits as outlined in Utah Leads Together:

  • Conduct daily temperature checks before work and if you are sick, stay home
  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face and eyes
  • Wear face coverings in common areas where distancing is difficult
  • Be aware of high-risk groups and help protect them
  • Practice social distancing whenever possible
  • If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth please
  • Clean high touch surfaces regularly and follow public health guidance

These core principles provide a solid foundation upon which establishments can safely stay open. Not every cold or virus can be prevented but we can integrate these best practices for individual responsibility and mutual respect.

Before the pandemic stuck, Utah led the way in terms of economic output, diversity and employment. It is a credit to the business community that our economy and health measures have remained better than our neighbors and national numbers. Our ability to create and drive a safe culture will rebuild consumer confidence to fully engage with local businesses.

Derek Miller
President & CEO Salt Lake Chamber
Chair, Economic Response Task Force