Many companies along the Wasatch Front are struggling to find the personnel required to thrive, and yet many rural areas are struggling for employment opportunities. Through a geographical shift, and perhaps a shift in mindset as well, the workforce demands of the Wasatch Front and the employment needs of rural Utah can connect to ease the concerns of both regions. 

As such, the Salt Lake Chamber, Utah Department of Workforce Services and Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah) have created the Chamber Rural Workforce Network, a new initiative with the keystone objective to further Utah’s rural development.  

As the largest business association in Utah, the Salt Lake Chamber connects with employers about their needs and interests. Representing significant industries and employers, the Chamber will work with its members, local chambers of commerce, and the business community to understand and promote hiring opportunities within the rural Utah workforce. 

The Utah Department of Workforce Services has seen significant success with moving jobs traditionally located along the Wasatch Front to communities in rural Utah. The Workforce Service community data and job bank are important tools to help connect employers with job seekers. 

EDCUtah is doing important work with rural communities and has had several recent successes with projects in both Carbon County and Cedar City. From the Development Ready Communities program to their work with businesses who seek to locate or expand their operations in Utah, EDCUtah is an important part of any effort to increase employment opportunities in rural communities.

Together, we believe this initiative will provide the opportunity for companies to partner with rural Utah to find innovative solutions to their workforce needs. It will allow and even empower our business community, urban and rural, to work together to create economic opportunities for all Utahns.

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