Opinion surveys can be invaluable when it comes to building a strategy and setting corporate objectives. They can also help us better understand priority areas as citizens. Toward this end, the Salt Lake Chamber provides the regular CEOutlook, as well as the new Utah Outlook, to gauge opinion from Utahns throughout the state. Polls are reflective of the moment they are taken, and we live in a time when economic winds and influential news can change quickly. For these reasons, the Salt Lake Chamber conducts these two important polls regularly and encourages our members to use the information in context.

What we find can help not only businesses, but local leaders, individuals and families make decisions on issues important to them. For example, from the CEOutlook data, we know that Utah remains in solid economic territory as job growth is brisk and unemployment low. Our business leaders have not only helped create the current expansion, which is the longest on record, but they are keenly aware of the economic opportunities and risks in the current environment.  

On the other hand, our survey indicates that recent uncertainty regarding trade and other national economic indicators have affected Utah CEOs, the majority of whom believe that while our economy remains consistent there is cause for concern in the third quarter. This suggests a need to stay focused on sound economic fundamentals and the policies that have made Utah’s economy one of the brightest in America.

With the Utah Outlook, we can better understand community sentiment on critical contemporary issues, including the 2019 Salt Lake City mayoral race, 2020 primary election and 2020 gubernatorial race. This information provides Chamber members and others with actionable intelligence and encourages engagement with leaders and policies pertinent to our well-being.

As part of the many tools provided by the Salt Lake Chamber, by providing this information to our members and the community we hope that it will further our mission and enhance the well-being of our economy, businesses, families and future. We are excited to share this data with you and hope you will take advantage of it.

To view the CEOutlook third quarter results, click here.

To view the Utah Outlook third quarter results, click here.