Statement of Policy Principles


Ingredients for Success
We believe low taxes, effective regulation, top-notch infrastructure, a talented workforce, competitive energy prices and a well-managed, limited government create the environment for economic success.


Free Enterprise
We support America’s free enterprise system as the best way to grow the economy, stimulate innovation and create jobs.

Thriving Community
We champion Utah’s enviable life quality and commitment to the greater good, including support for our major arts organizations.

Economic Resilience
We support strengthening Utah’s economic capacity to endure significant disasters and local, national and international economic changes.

Informed Decisions
We support strengthening resources for evidence-based public policy.

Strategic Partnerships
We create and sustain model partnerships with other like-minded entities, such as chambers of commerce and business associations across the state and around the world, to drive economic development. This also includes:

  • Downtown Alliance
  • Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah)
  • Envision Utah
  • Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED)
  • Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah
  • World Trade Center Utah (WTC Utah)


Innovation, Accountability and Investment
We stand with Governor Herbert and the Utah Legislature in supporting a long-term plan for education. We believe the recommendations in the “Prosperity Through Education” plan will elevate our educational outcomes to be globally competitive. The plan is available at


Economic Prosperity
We believe that a safe and efficient transportation system, modern energy and broadband infrastructure, and a reliable, clean supply of water are all integral parts of the foundation for economic growth and improved life quality.

Technological Innovation
We embrace technological advancements and design innovations that enhance the efficiency and safety of our infrastructure, expand their scope, improve user satisfaction, protect Utah’s environment and modernize revenue models

Disciplined Planning and Investment
We believe because Utah has substantial growth and limited resources, long-term planning and disciplined investment are required to meet future infrastructure needs.

User Fees
We believe users should bear the primary responsibility for funding Utah’s infrastructure.


Balanced Economic Interests
We view Utah’s spectacular natural environment as a legacy passed to us from preceding generations. It provides recreational opportunities and natural beauty that attracts great companies and employees. Our natural resources are also an essential part of many business processes. We must thoughtfully approach how to appropriately balance these economic interests.

Private Sector Solutions and Corporate Citizenship
We support voluntary private sector initiatives to promote efficiency, sustainability and stewardship to improve and preserve our spectacular natural environment.

Personal Responsibility
We recognize businesses, citizens and government share the same natural environment. As Utah continues to grow, we all must commit to improve our air quality, conserve more water, promote responsible resource development and preserve first-class access to outdoor recreation.

Economic Development
Our air quality, water supply, natural resources and outdoor recreation assets have lasting implications on Utah’s ability to retain and attract new businesses and employees. We view these issues through the lens of economic development and market principles.