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Salt Lake Chamber’s 2017 Legislative Priorities

During the legislative session, the Salt Lake Chamber’s Executive Board will designate the top priorities of the business community as “Priority Votes.” Unlike other organizations that establish some criteria after a session to evaluate legislators, these issues are often covered within the Chamber’s Public Policy Guide whether in principle, an application of a standing position or as a specifc priority.

This coming session legislators can expect Priority Votes on the following issues:

Education and Workforce: We support efforts to advance accountability, innovation and greater investment in education consistent with our five-year education plan. We also support efforts to strategically align the private and public sectors to attract and train a skilled and talented workforce.

Modernizing Utah’s Tax Code: We support modernizing Utah’s tax system as part of solving education funding challenges. This includes a complete review of all existing taxes, fees, and exemptions, while preserving legislative flexibility for future appropriations. As well as, creating greater equity and efficiency in the tax code by addressing sales taxes on manufacturing inputs, remote sales and Utah’s tax apportionment formula.

Protecting Non-compete Agreements: We support the reasonable and responsible uses of non-compete agreements and other post-employment restrictive covenants that adequately protect both employers and employees, and are freely and openly entered into by both parties. We stand by the 2016 compromise on this issue, and before any further efforts to legislate, support completing, distributing and considering the results of the data-driven, Utah-based research on non-compete agreements.

Regulation Reform: We support strategic reforms to improve Utah’s already exemplary regulatory system. is includes a rulemaking note on each bill, requiring better analysis of each administrative rule and other modications that will Utah’s regulatory system even more competitive.

Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships: We support a comprehensive Public Private Partnership statute that brings innovative approaches to infrastructure investment, finance and operations.

Air Quality: We support efforts to promote cleaner vehicles, expand access to transit, minimize small business costs. We also support funding and research to help Utahns better understand the causes and effects of poor air quality.

Alcohol: We support sensible reforms to Utah’s liquor laws that seek to balance satisfying public demand, ensuring public safety, discouraging underage drinking, and cultivating a welcoming and hospitable climate for tourism and business recruitment efforts.

Adaptive Water Strategy: We support greater investment in Utah’s water data to inform and develop an actionable, adaptive and
comprehensive state water strategy.

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