Prosperity 2020 Goals in Action

Roy High School: The Roy Cone

The Roy Cone is a network of 11 schools (five are Title I elementary schools), with more than 8,000 students in the Weber School District. The Roy Cone student demographic make-up is as follows: 25% are minorities, 32% are low income, 51% receive free and reduced lunch, 14% have disabilities, and 5% have limited English proficiency.

Granger High School: Credit Recovery

When a student’s grades begin to slip at Granger High School, he or she is sent to credit recovery with Mr. Ken Hopkins.

Mr. Hopkins is an education veteran who has been in the classroom for over 34 years. Originally a math teacher, Mr. Hopkins has transformed the lives of students who have struggled to excel in subjects that are necessary for both high school graduation and success in life.

Oak Hill Elementary: The Reading Room

For the first time in Mrs. Pitt’s career, every student in her class started the school year at grade level.

The Oak Hills Elementary community came together to improve reading outcomes, making a difference in the lives of their students – this is their story.

Reading Room Goal: By the time students leave elementary school they are reading at grade level