What is Prosperity 2020?

Prosperity 2020 is the largest business-led movement ever assembled in Utah to advance educational investment and innovation. The partnership includes 21 chamber of commerce across the state. The vision of Prosperity 2020 is to work collaboratively to make education in Utah top 10 in the nation, leading to prosperity and a bright future for Utah.

How did Prosperity 2020 Form?

Prosperity 2020 is a coalition between Utah education officials and private businesses to increase educational outputs in the state. Prosperity 2020 aims to improve Utah on the education front drastically so that the state’s long-term growth is secure, and businesses can invest in the state with confidence.

What are Prosperity 2020’s Goals?

Prosperity 2020 has adopted the goal of Utah ranking in the top 10 states for NAEP reading and math assessments, high-school graduation rates, and that two-thirds of Utahns will achieve post-secondary training by 2020.


How does Prosperity 2020 Plan to Achieve its Goals?

Prosperity 2020 has created a plan of investment in crucial areas such as educational tools, assessment technologies, elementary and secondary teachers’ as well as college professors’ compensation, and financial assistance for low-income students in order to promote educational attainment for everyone, including at-risk students, and thus ensure that Utah is the top state in the nation to attract investment and nurture growth.

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