2022 Legislative Watchlist

2022 Legislative Watchlist

Below you will find the watchlist for all the bills that the Salt Lake Chamber is tracking during the 2022 Legislative Session. The list may be sorted by column or category.

The Chamber takes the following range of positions on bills:

  • Monitor” means the bill is of interest to Chamber members, but the Chamber does not have a specific position on the bill.
  • Concern” means the Chamber is concerned with the current status of the bill and is working with the bill sponsor.
  • “Oppose” means the Chamber is opposed to the bill as currently written.
  • Support” means the Chamber supports passage of the bill.
  • Priority” means the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Directors has designated this bill as priority for the business community. Legislators’ votes on Priority Bills are used to determine the Chamber’s Business Champion Awards.
Bill Number
Bill TitleSponsorSummaryPositionStatusPriority Area
HB 011 S2Student Athletics ParticipationBirkeland, Kera
Bramble, Curtis
Triggers a commission if the sex on a student's birth certificate does not match the gender designation for the sport for which they want to play. If a student is undergoing or has undergone a transition and has an amended birth certificate, they are still required to report to the commission. The commission will determine if the athlete can play in the sport or not.MonitorPassed Senate CommitteeDiversity & Inclusion
HB 015 S2Child Care AmendmentsPulsipher, SusanDirects the Department of Health to use funds to expand childcare locations. An unlicensed provider may care for 10 children in total under the age of 13. Requires grants for employer provided child care. Support To GovernorWorkforce & Education
HB 017State Small Business Credit Initiative Program Fund AmendmentsMoss, Carol
Winterton, Ron
Transfers the administration of the State Small Business Credit Initiative Program Fund from the Department of Workforce Services to the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity.SupportTo GovernorSmall Business
HB 023 S2First Responder Mental Health Services AmendmentsWilcox, Ryan
Ipson, Don
Requires employers to provide mental health services to public safety employees, their families, and retirees and that this information be kept completely confidential. Directs the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to create and implement a grant program to which first responder agencies may apply for grants to help implement mental health programs.MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce & Education
HB 025 S4Utah Rural Jobs Act AmendmentsAbbott, Nelson
Wilson, Chris
Requires each eligible small business that receives a growth investment to submit a document that directs and authorizes the State Tax Commission to disclose to the GO Utah office the eligible small business's returns; establishes a deadline for each rural investment company to exit the program. Targets aerospace; defense; energy and natural resources; financial services; life sciences; outdoor products; software development; information technology; manufacturing; or agribusiness.
SupportTo GovernorSmall Business
HB 026Renter's Credit AmendmentsEliason, Steve
Davis, Gene
Standardizes the method used by the Tax Commission to establish renter's credits for utilities included in the base rent price that utilize natural gas or electricity. Provides the percentage that the commission shall deduct from rent when calculating a renter's credit if the rent includes electricity, natural gas, or both.MonitorTo GovernorHousing
HB 032 S1Healthcare Worker Protection AmendmentsSpendlove, Robert M. This bill enacts enhanced penalties for assault on an owner, worker or contractor at a health care facilityMonitorTo GovernorHealthcare & Workforce
HB 033 S1Instream Water Flow AmendmentsFerry, Joel
Sandall, Scott
Revises the application process by which someone may apply for a permanent or temporary alteration to a stream's flow for use or to maintain sovereign, irrigable, or public lands.SupportTo GovernorWater
HB 035 S3Economic Development ModificationsHandy, Stephen
Winterton, Ronald
Requires the Unified Economic Opportunity Commission, instead of the Business and Economic Development Subcommittee, to identify targeted industries for economic development in the state; modifies provisions related to the issuance of economic development tax credits by the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity (GO Utah office).Priority BillTo GovernorBusiness Climate and Economy
HB 036Commission on Housing Affordability Amendments Waldrip, Steve Anderegg, JacobEstablishes the Housing Affordability Subcommittee, formerly the Commission on Housing Affordability, as a
permanent subcommittee of the Unified Economic Opportunity Commission within the Governor's Office of
Economic Opportunity; modifies the membership and duties of the subcommittee.
SupportTo GovernorHousing
HB 037State Water Policy AmendmentsStratton, Keven J. Sandall, Scott D.The bill amends state water policy and will recharge aquifers and promote conservation through upgrade of infrastructureSupportTo GovernorWater
HB 039 S2State Construction Code AmendmentsFerry, Joel
Bramble, Curtis
This bill amends the International Residential, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes as well as the state Fire Code. Creates a licensing exemption for a person certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Techbnologies at Level III or IV in Water-Based System Layout or Fire Alarm Systems.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce
HB 043Hospitality and Tourism Management CTE Pilot Program Sunset ExtensionBallard, MelissaThis bill extends the sunset date on the Hospitality and Tourism Pilot Program by two years. This is to allow more time for the program which was disrupted by COVID. SupportTo GovernorWorkforce & Education
HB 046 S2Utah Energy Infrastructure AmendmentsAlbrecht, Carl
Harper, Wayne
Clarifies the duties of the Utah Energy Infrastructure Board regarding the evaluation of an application for a tax credit under the High Cost Infrastructure Development Tax Credit ActMonitorTo GovernorInfrastructure & Taxes
HB 050 S1Intergenerational Poverty Mitigation AmendmentsHandy, Stephen
Winterton, Ronald
Requires various departments--Dept. of Cultural and Community Engagement, Dept. of Health, State Board of Education, & Dept. of Human Services-- to provide an annual report to the DWS. The report shall describe policies, procedures, programs that are designed to help break poverty cycle, and contain recommendations for the legislature on how to break the poverty cycle. Repeals the Intergenerational Poverty Advisory Committee, Intergenerational Welfare Reform Committee, and the Intergenerational Poverty Plan Implementation Pilot Program.SupportTo GovernorBusiness Climate and Economy
HB 052Hydrogen Tax Credit AmendmentsSagers, DouglasUpdates the definition for "infrastructure" and "high cost infrastructure project" to include pipelines, and manufacturing, distributing, or holding hydrogen fuel using renewable energy and other hydrogen fuel projects. Qualifies these projects for the high cost infrastructure tax development tax credit.SupportIn CommitteeInfrastructure
HB 054Enterprise Zone Tax Credit AmendmentsSagers, DouglasEstablishes a tax credit for investment in plants, equipment and other depreciable property to produce or process hydrogen for the use of fuel, or to distribute/dispense hydrogen fuel. Also allows these credits to be used against existing taxes owed.SupportIn CommitteeEnergy
HB 060 S2Vaccine Passport AmendmentsBrooks, Walt
Kennedy, Michael
Makes it unlawful for a place of public accommodation to discriminate based on immunity status. Prohibits certain government entities from requiring proof of immunity status. Makes it unlawful discrimination for an employer to require proof of immunity.OpposePassed Senate CommitteeHealthcare
HB 063 S2Covid-19 Vaccine ExemptionsHawkins, JonProhibits an employer from requiring a vaccine if an employee or prospective employee submits a medical report that they have already been infected with COVID-19.MonitorPassed Senate CommitteeHealthcare
HB 064 S2Drinking Water AmendmentsWatkins, ChristineThis bill creates the "Drinking Water Capacity Account" fund. This fund would be used to help water drinking systems come up to standard by providing capital, assist with technology or training, assisting with planning for future growth, or to upgrade, expand or review an application for an existing water system.SupportReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeWater
HB 069Division of Real Estate AmendmentsMusselman, Calvin R. This bill would create rules that would be put in place if a principal broker were to become incapacitated in the course of their duties. An applicant for a sales agent or real estate broker would need at least 120 hours of approved education.MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce
HB 071Utah Fair Housing Act AmendmentsCollard, ClareClarifies a list of certain discriminatory housing practices. Technicality verbiage is any/or.SupportIn SenateHousing
HB 095 S3Landscaping Requirement ProhibitionWard, RaymondProhibits municipal, counties, and associations, or mobile park requirements for lawn or turf on private property or mobile park residents on property that they lease or rent.SupportHeld in CommitteeWater
HB 100 S1Emergency Preparedness AmendmentsCollard, ClareThis bill creates the Office of Earthquake Preparedness and Response within the Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency ManagementSupportFailed to Pass CommitteeInfrastructure
HB 101Rural Coworking and Innovation Center Grant Program AmendmentsAlbrecht, CarlProhibits a private company from receiving grants designated by the Rural Coworking and Innovation Center.SupportTo GovernorBusiness Climate and Economy
HB 103Student Intervention Early Warning ProgramPeterson, ValRemoves the repeal date for the Student Intervention Early Warning Program, making it an ongoing program. The goal to intervene early before a child decides to quit school or drop out by using data/report sharing with teachers, parents, admin.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce & Education
HB 109Death Certificate AmendmentsHandy, StephenAllows a health care professional to indicate on a death certificate that air pollution was a factor in the death of the patient.MonitorIntroducedAir Quality
HB 113 S1Funding For Students with DisabilitiesJudkins, MarshaThis bill amends a formula related to add-on weighted pupil units for students with disabilities. Increases the per pupil dollars for disabled students.SupportTo GovernorEducation
HB 115Water Distribution EfficiencyBallard, Melissa G.Enacts the Water Distribution Efficiency Act: requires division of water resources to post a summary of water loss data, requires a creation and implementation of an acceptable water loss standard, addresses process of dealing with excessive water loss.MonitorFailed to Pass HouseWater
HB 116 S1Medical Billing AmendmentsWinder, MIkeOnce a patient's service or procedure is completed, the medical facility must bill within 120 days the health plan on record. Some patients receive their bills a year plus after procedure. Sponsor notes that this happens rarely and this is a preventative measure. MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeHealthcare
HB 118 S1Wetland AmendmentsSnider, CaseyRequires land use authorities to provide a copy of a land use permit that affects wetlands to the Utah Geological Survey. These permits are then to be published on the website of the Department of Natural Resources who will then make recommendations regarding the viability of an in-lieu fee program for wetland mitigation. MonitorTo GovernorNatural Resources
HB 121 S1Water Conservation ModificationsSpendlove, Robert M. Sets guidelines for state facilities to cut their water usage compared to FY20 and requires that all state facilities built after May 4, 2022 have no more than 20% of their grounds be lawn or turf. No state facility may water between 10 AM to 6 PM. Monitor To GovernorWater
HB 130 S1Driver License Test Amendments Bennion, Gay Lynn
Mayne, Karen
This bill will allow the Driver's License Division to administer written exams for a Class D license in languages other than English.Prority BillReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeWorkforce & Diversity
HB 131Watershed Restoration InitiativeBennion, Gay LynnThis bill creates the Watershed Restoration Initiative within the DNR and creates the Watershed Restoration Expendable Special Revenue Fund.SupportTo GovernorWater
HB 146Food Truck Licensing AmendmentsLisonbee, Kari AnnA food truck only has to get a license in the city that the owner resides in. Amended bill adds ice cream truck which maintains background check requirement. Reduces regulatory barriers for small businesses. Support Passed the SenateWorkforce
HB 150Disability Ombudsman ProgramDailey-Provost, JenniferThis bill directs the Division of Services for People with Disabilities to create the position of Disability Ombudsman to develop and maintain expertise in laws and policies regarding those people with a disability, provide training and information to interested parties across the state, develop an easily accessible website, investigate complaints pertaining to this legislation. SupportTo GovernorDiversity & Inclusion
HB 151 S2Retail Facility Incentive Payment AmendmentsSchultz, MikePublic entities may not make retail facility incentive payments to retailers. Exemptions include retail facilities located entirely within census blocks where the AMI is less than 70% of the state median income, facilities in mixed developments where a portion of the development is dedicated to median income housing, or facilities that are in counties of the 4th, 5th, or 6th class. MonitorPassed the SenateBusiness climate and Economy
HB 154 S1Occupational Therapist Licensure CompactFerry, Joel
Bramble, Curtis
This bill creates the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact which aims to expand the availability of OT by supporting the lincenses of member states and increase telehealth OT use.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce
HB 156Sale and Use Tax Refund AmendmentsWatkins, ChristineThis bill phases in a refund process for the state sales and use tax on machinery, equipment or other materials bought or leased by an oil/gas extraction establishment or a pipeline transportation establishment.SupportFailed to Pass CommitteeNatural Resources
HB 157 S1Sovereign Lands Revenues AmendmentsHawkes, TimothyThis bill modifies the Sovereign Lands Management Account statute to make funds in this account to only be used for the direct benefit of sovereign lands in addition to creating the Great Salt Lake Account which would include funding derived from those who mine minerals out of the sovereign land of the lake--the funds would be used to address lake levels.SupportTo GovernorNatural Resources
HB 162Period Products in SchoolsLisonbee, KarianneThis bill requires local school boards and charter schools to provide period products in certain restrooms within all school facilities free of charge.SupportTo GovernorEducation
HB 163 S1Driver Licence Testing ModificationsMoss, Carol
Bramble, Curtis
This bill would allow a humanitarian refugee to obtain a driver's license. SupportSigned by GovernorDiversity and Workforce
HB 164Public Transit FaresBriscoe, JoelThis bill prohibits large transit authorities from imposing fares on a public transit service.MonitorHeld in CommitteeInfrastructure
HB 168Preferences of Water Rights AmendmentsAlbrecht, CarlThis bill directs the state engineer to study and implement water preference during a temporary water shortage. This bill provides that drinking, sanitation, electricy generation and fire suppression would have preferential right over other uses during such emergencies.SupportTo GovernorNatural Resources: water
HB 176 S1Utah Health Workforce ActThurston, NormanThis bill will create the Health Workforce Advisory Council that will provide info about policy that affect the health workforce. This bill also creates the Health Workforce Information Center which will conduct research and analyze data regarding Utah's health workforce. Monitor To GovernorHealthcare and Workforce
HB 177Water Well AmendmentsFerry, JoelWater production wells are not exempt from regulation when it comes to drilling, deepening, etc.MonitorTo GovernorNatural resources & Infrastructure
HB 179Juvenile Record AmendmentsSnow, LowryThis bill sets forth parameters under which a juvenile record may be expunged and under which conditions a hearing for the petition for expungement may be waived. MonitorIntroducedExpungements
HB 181 S4Railroad Crossing Maintenance AmendmentsSchultz, MikeThe Department of Transportation is to determine responsibility for maintaining railroad crossings between the railroad and the appropriate public agency. The department can determine that non-federal funded improvements and new crossings are required if they are determined to be in the interest of the public.MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeInfrastructure
HB 182Local Health Department Order AmendmentsStrong, MarkThis bill deals with executive authority and exempts the Hill and state facilities from local health department jurisdiction, also prohibits a CEO of a municipality from exercising emergency powers. A local legislative body can veto a local executive order. MonitorTo GovernorBusiness climate and Economy
HB 183In Person Learning AmendmentsTeuscher, Jordan
Weiler, Todd
Suspends test to stay programs in schools and changes the formula that would trigger a test to stay initiative. MonitorGovernor SignedHealthcare
HB 186 S2Vehicle Registration AmendmentsWard, RaymondRegistration for electric vehicles incrementally increases the rate per mile and cap charge and is set to sunset in 2032. Beginning on 01/01/23, the rate per mile will be $0.01 and the cap will be $130.25 annually or $100.75 for six months. SupportTo GovernorInfrastructure & Transportation
HB 189 S2Electric Vehicle Charging ModificationsBriscoe, JoelAssociations may not prohibit a tenant from installing an electric vehicle charging station and must make accomodations so that the tenant may install one near to a designated parking spot. This bill allows the association to require that the charging station be installed by a professional and fit within guidelines as well as puts the cost for installation on the tenant.MonitorFailed to Pass the HouseInfrastructure
HB 192 S2Former Offender Employment AmendmentsJudkins, MarshaProhibits a mental health professional from having their license revoked due to past criminal actions or participation in substance use treatment. MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeHealthcare & Workforce
HB 193 S4Full-Day KindergartenWaldrip, SteveDirects school districts to provide an optional all-day kindergarten program starting July 1, 2024.Priority Bill To GovernorEducation & Workforce
HB 194Department of Corrections Education AmendmentsBallard, MelissaThis bill directs the Dept. of Corrections to make education programs available to inmates. The department must also make financial aid resources available. MonitorTo GovernorEducation & Workforce
HB 197Income Tax Rate ModificationsAbbott, NelsonAmends the franchise and income tax to 4.5%MonitorIntroducedTaxes and Budget
HB 202Employment Selection Procedures Act Wheatley, MarkProhibits a prospective employer from inquiring about previous compensation.OpposeIntroducedBusiness Climate
HB 203Food Sales Tax ModificationsRohner, JudyRemoves the state food tax.MonitorIntroducedTaxes and Budget
HB 210Primary Care Spending AmendmentsPierucci, CandiceRequires the Health Data Committee to issue a report on primary care spending. MonitorTo GovernorHealthcare
HB 212Health Care Coverage AmendmentsDailey-Provost, JenniferThis bill directs the Division of Medicaid and Health Financing to apply for a Medicaid waiver with CMS before July 1, 2022 to provide wraparound services to qualified individuals.MonitorIntroducedHealthcare
HB 214Fire Sprinkler Installation Certification AmendmentsMatthews, AshleeRequires individuals to have passed completely the Star fire sprinklerfitting mastery examination and completed all requirements before they may work in fire sprinkler fitting.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 215 S2Public Service Commission AmendmentsAlbecht, CarlBill creates Project Oversight Committee which would act as an intermediary between the stakeholders and the public of a certain area and a project entity. Project entities must file certain financial information (including wholesale rates, financing sources and bond details, power sold, etc.) with the Committee which will then be made public. The committee will also take concerns from stakeholders and the community back to the project entity.MonitorTo GovernorEnergy
HB 220Pregnancy and Postpartum Medicaid Coverage AmendmentsLesser, RosemaryIncreases the Medicaid coverage for pregnant and postpartum women whose incomes that are less than 200% of the poverty level.MonitorIntroducedHealthcare
HB 221Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel VehiclesHarrison, SuzanneProvides a tax credit for the purchase or lease of alternative fuel vehicle. MonitorIntroducedEnergy & Transportation
HB 222Driving Privilege Card AmendmentsRobertson, AdamSets a price for a driving privilege card at $32 for an original card and $23 for a renewal.SupportTo GovernorTransportation
HB 223Diabetes Supplies AmendmentsDailey-Provost, JenniferThis bill caps the price that may be charged on insulin pumps and glucose monitors regardless of if a deductible has been met. This bill would cap the price of insulin at $100 and monitors at $40 starting Jan 1, 2023.MonitorIntroducedHealthcare
HB 224 S1Optometrist Practice AmendmentsDunnigan, JamesThis bill defines what types of surgeries an optometrist can and cannot do.MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeHealthcare
HB 225 S2Access to Medical Records AmendmentsDunnigan, JamesThis bill would create a HIPAA form for all healthcare providers to use for patients to access records. MonitorTo GovernorHealthcare
HB 230 S2Refugee and Immigrant Student Policies AmendmentsJohnson, DanCreates a central repository for schools to upload the transcripts of refugee or other foreign-born students who have not attended school in the United States before. Support To GovernorWorkforce
HB 232 S1Utah Lake AuthorityBrammer, BradyReplaces the Utah Lake Commission with the Utah Lake Authority to monitor and advise on the quality of water going in and out of the lake, as well as managing invasive plant and fish species.MonitorTo GovernorWater
HB 236Behavioral Health AmendmentsEliason, SteveEstablishes the Collaborative Care Grant Program under the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health which will award 1-6 grants to small primary health care practices to implement an integrated physical and behavioral health program. Also allows the Suicide Prevention Program to fund educational efforts.Support To GovernorHealthcare
HB 240 S2Utah Lake AmendmentsStratton, KevenChanges the authority of the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands to allow them to only recommend disposal of state land in and around Utah Lake by submitting a proposal to the legislature and the governor. MonitorTo GovernorWater
HB 242 S1Secondary Water Metering AmendmentsPeterson, Val
McKell, Michael
Requires full metering of pressurized secondary water to be metered no later than Jan 1, 2030. This bill also directs the Board of Water Resources to create grants for secondary metering for water systems in place but not metered before May 4, 2022. Priority Bill To GovernorWater
HB 243 S2Regulatory Sandbox Program AmendmentsMaloy, CoryThe Regulatory Sandbox program will be exclusively in the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity, and allows for innovative financial and insurance products or services.Support To GovernorBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 244 S2Geological Carbon Sequestration AmendmentsHandy, StephenSets up a process between the EPA, the Board and Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining, and under the Safe Drinking Water Act to determine who has authority over class VI injection wells and how that process will be funded as well as issuing carbon sequestration permits. Requires an individual to hold a permit to engage in carbon storage. MonitorTo GovernorEnergy
HB 245Occupational Safety and Health AmendmentsHawkes, TimothyIncreases the penalties to 13,653 from 7000 that may be imposed on an employer for various OSHA violations. This keeps Utah in control of the state OSHA program by keeping our fines in compliance with federal OSHA fines.MonitorTo GovernorBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 252Employee Verification RequirementsFerry, JoelIncreases the number of employees a private employer may have from 15-250 before they have to use a status verification system for a new hire.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce
HB 255Utah Fit Premises Act AmendmentsBennion, GaySets forth emergency provisions for which an owner or manager may enter a renter's unit without giving 24 hours notice and provisions for which a renter may not deny entry to the owner or manager.MonitorIntroducedHousing
HB 262Incentives AmendmentsChristofferson, KayThis bill would repeal several tax incentives related to renewable energy, research and development, recycling, solar projects, etc.OpposeHeld in CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 263Utah Watersheds Council AmendmentsChew, ScottChanges the membership of the Utah Watersheds Council to include an attorney who specializes in water law. The "Utah Watersheds Council" is created within the Department of Natural Resources. A majority of the members of the state council constitutes a quorum. The state council may hold regular and special meetings at such locations within the state. The council may invite federal agencies to name representatives as liaisons to state council .MonitorPassed Senate CommitteeWater
HB 266Trauma-informed Research and Training Grant ProgramHawkins, JonCreates the Trauma-informed Research and Training Grant Program. This program will fund programs which seek to research, mitigate and prevent impacts that traumatic life experiences have on the economy and workforce. The research will then help to provide workforce education and training on mitigation of these impacts.MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeWorkforce
HB 269 S2Capital Assets for WaterStratton, KevenRequires water providers to assess, maintain, and replace water assets and to verify the physical condition and performance and condition standards for these assets.MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeWater
HB 271Water Releases AmendmentsLisonbee, KarianneA dam or reservoir operator may not increase the flow rate more than 25% of the rate of a natural channel. MonitorIntroducedWater
HB 272Energy Storage AmendmentsHandy, StephenEstablishes the sales and use tax exemption for the purchase of energy storage equipment. Establishes the Energy Storage Asset Pilot Grant Program to be administered by the Office of Energy Development. Grant funding--which is to be matched by the recipient--can be used to purchase energy storage assets. Grant awardees may still claim a renewable energy system tax credit. MonitorIntroducedEnergy
HB 275Vehicle Emissions Reduction ProgramStenquist, JeffreyCreates the Vehicle Emissions Reduction Program to provide financial assistance to qualified vehicle owners to purchase replacement vehicles. Would require participating dealers to surrender the replaced vehicles that they receive under the program to a participating recycling facility. Program set to repeal on July 1, 2027.SupportFailed to Pass CommitteeAir Quality
HB 276Joint Tenancy Presumption AmendmentsMusselman, CalvinChanges "husband and wife" to "spouses" in the section that explains joint tenancy between two people.SupportTo GovernorHousing
HB 278Behavioral Health Treatment Access AmendmentsEliason, SteveRequires a health benefit plan that offers mental health treatment to enter into a single case agreement with an enrollee to receive mental health treatment for an out-of-network mental health provider that is selected by the enrollee.MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeHealthcare
HB 279Regional Transmission Organization StudyHandy, StephenDirects the Public Service Commission to study the costs and benefits of joining a regional transmission organization and present their findings to the Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee.MonitorIntroducedEnergy
HB 280 S2Cyber Security CommissionHandy, StephenCreates the Cybersecurity Commission which shall identify and inform the governor of threats and vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure and other serious threats, and provide best practices, education and mitigation for public and private sector cyber attacks.SupportTo GovernorTech
HB 282 S1Water Wise Landscaping AmendmentsWilcox, RyanMunicipalities and associations may not prohibit water wise landscaping.MonitorPassed Senate CommitteeWater
HB 283 S1Mental Health Professional Licensing AmendmentsThurston, NormanLowers the clinical mental health counselor, social worker, and marriage and family therapist training hour requirements from 4000 to 3000 hours.MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce & Healthcare
HB 288 S1New Growth AmendmentsWard, RaymondDirects the county recorder to report the number of notices for new internal accessory dwelling units in the previous calendar year to the county assessor. The assessor will then multiply the number of notices by the median home value of the area--1/3 of this value will be added to the sum of the equation used to calculate locally assessed new growth (sum of real property of the previous year-sum of real property of the current year). MonitorPassed CommitteeHousing
HB 289 S1Insurance Coverage for Emergency Medical Service PersonnelJohnson, DanCreates the Volunteer Emergency Medical Service Personnel Health Insurance Program to incentivize emergency medical service volunteers. Only emergency medical service personnel who are licensed, provide services for a local governmental entity and are not eligible for another health benefit plan qualify for the program.MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce
HB 293Ground Ambulance Interfacility Transport LicensingWilcox, Ryan
Bramble, Curtis
Amends the Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act. The Department of Health may amend an existing ground ambulance interfacility transport license without an adjudicative proceeding unless the license is issued based on an exclusive geographic service requirement. MonitorTo GovernorHealthcare
HB 295 S2Physician Workforce AmendmentsMaloy, CoryCreates a new section that directs the Medical Education Council to create a grant program that a Utah hospital can apply to to create a new residency position. Prioritization of grant funding will address workforce shortages and serve an underserved population. Also directs the council to create a grant for a forensic psychiatrist fellowship program.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce
HB 303 S1Downzoning Notice AmendmentsPeterson, ValCreates a process for those whose real property is affected by a proposed zoning change to submit a land use application. Also requires a city to post a public notice that there will be a zoning change.MonitorTo GovernorBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 308 S1Drug Pricing Nondiscrimination ActEliason, SteveProhibits benefit managers or insurers from refusing to contract with a 340B drug discount entity, or modifying the copay, coverage, or benefits of a 340B entity or its patients. A manufactureer or distributor of a pharmaceutical may not deny the access of a 340B entity to these pharmaceuticals. MonitorIn CommitteeHealthcare
HB 311 S1Alternative Fuel Heavy Equipment Tax CreditBallard, MelissaAllows UIPA to administer grants to purchase certain zero emissions and near zero emissions heavy equipment. Allows for a nonrefundable tax credit equal to the zero emissions tax credit ($500 or $1000 multiplied by the horsepower rating of certain heavy equipment below and above 1000 horsepower respectively) or the near zero emissions credit ($25 or $50 multiplied by the horsepower rating of certain heavy equipment,below and above 1000 horsepower respectively). MonitorFailed to Pass the SenateAir Quality
HB 312State Financial Contracts AmendmentsShipp, RexBefore a public entity can enter into a contract with a financial institution, the financial institution must have a written certification that they do not have a policy of refusing to finance fossil-fuel operations unless the contract's value is under $100,000.MonitorHeld in CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 319 S1Jordan River Improvement AmendmentsActon, CherylPollution runoff from the road directly into the Jordan River is to be addressed jointly by the Department of Transportation and the Jordan River Commission.MonitorTo GovernorWater
HB 322 S1Public Transit Capital Development ModificationsChristofferson, KayTasks the Executive Director of the DoT with the oversight and supervision of any fixed guideway capital development project that is state funded. These projects could include double tracking commuter rail lines or the expansion of other public transit facilities and the related infrastructure particularly around the Point of the Mountain.MonitorTo GovernorInfrastructure
HB 323Transient Room Tax AmendmentsLast, BradThis bill modifies provisions related to the transient room tax. This bill: authorizes certain
counties to use a certain amount of transient room tax revenue for visitor management and
destination development if the expenditure is prioritized and recommended by a county's
tourism tax advisory board; modifies provisions related to a transient room tax reserve
fund; modifies the general powers and duties of a county legislative body related to the
transient room tax; modifies provisions related to an annual report by a county legislative
body; and makes technical changes.
MonitorTo Governor
HB 326 S1State Innovation AmendmentsMoss, JeffersonCreates the Utah Innovation Lab within the Utah System of Higher Education. Directs the lab to study issues currently facing Utah. Additionally the Lab in conjunction with the Governor's Office of Economic Oppotunity and either the Division of Air Quality or Division of Water Resources shall award grants (as part of the Strategic Innovation Grant Pilot Program) that address air quality or water conservation issues. SupportTo GovernorBusiness Climate and Economy
HB 327Airport Land Use AmendmentsBallard, MelissaDefines an airport overlay zone and encourages a political subdivision to adopt one in addition to notifying a person building on or developing land near an airport of the noise and overflights, and to build within the parameters of "Safe, Efficient Use, and Preservation of the Navigable Airspace" statute within 14 C.F.R. MonitorIntroducedHousing
HB 331 S5Hope Scholarship ProgramPierucci, Candice
Cullimore, Kirk
Establishes the Hope Scholarship Program that will set up accounts for eligible students which can be used to pay the costs of private education goods and services. MonitorFailed to Pass the HouseEducation
HB 333 S1Economic and Workforce Development AmendmentsHawkes, TimothyMoves various commissions, boards and programs from the GO Utah Office to other agencies. Issues various grants to support rural communities and return to work programs. Prohibits the GO Utah Offices from distributing pass through funding for things not expressly authorized by the legislature. Creates the Center for International Business and Diplomacy within the GO Utah Office.MonitorTo GovernorBusiness Climate and Economy
HB 335 S1Blockchain and Digital Innovation Task ForceTeuscher, JordanCreates the Blockchain and Digital Innovation Task Force which will advise on policy pertaining to promotion, incentivization and regulation of blockchain and digital financial industries.MonitorTo GovernorFinance
HB 344 S2Utah Medical Candor ActNelson, Merrill
Kennedy, Michael
creates a medical candor process where a health care provider may investigate an injury, or suspected injury, associated with a health care process and may
communicate information about the investigation to the patient and any
representative of the patient;
addresses written notice of the medical candor process;
adresses an offer of compensation made as part of the medical candor process; and
addresses confidentiality, disclosure, and effect of communications made in
preparation for or during the medical candor process.
MonitorTo Governor
HB 358Mental Health Treatment AmendmentsKing, BrianRequires any health plan offered by a governmental employer to comply with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeWorkforce & Healthcare
HB 359 S3Eviction Records AmendmentsJudkins, MarshaProvides for an automatic expungement of an eviction if the case has been dismissed and 10 days have passed from the dismissal.SupportTo GovernorHousing
HB 362Tax Entity AmendmentsWinder, MikeAllows a community reinvestment agency to still receive a tax increment if all entities in that area except one have entered into an interlocal agreement. MonitorHeld in CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 364Minimum Wage AmendmentsCollard, ClareAn employer must pay the minimum wage to an employee that also receives tips.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 370Mental Health Professional AmendmentsWilcox, RyanMakes mental health workers who work in underserved areas eligible for scholarships and loan repayment assistance under the Utah Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program. SupportReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeWorkforce
HB 372Short-Term Property Rental AmendmentsMoss, CarolCities and counties can zone specific areas to allow or prohibit short-term rentals. This bill also gives them the power to levy civil penalties against those who list an ineligible property on a short-term rental website. MonitorIntroducedHousing
HB 373Convention and Tourism Business Assessment Area ActSpendlove, RobertAllows a county to designate a benefitted area and levy an assessment on properties that are in that area. SupportOn House Concurrence CalendarEconomic Development
HB 377Water Rights Adjudication AmendmentsKohler, MikeIn the case of a water right adjudication, if the water right claimant does not respond to inquiries from the State Engineer, the engineer may make a recommendation to the court with the knowledge that they do have. MonitorTo GovernorWater
HB 379Association of Governments AmendmentsWatkins, ChristineCreates a grant program to provide governmental associations with funding for infrastructure, transportation, housing, or other economic development projects.MonitorIntroducedInfrastructure & Housing
HB 385Hemp and CBD AmendmentsDailey-Provost, Jennifer
Vickers, Evan
Sets forth parameters for applicants to process industrial hemp and prohibits transporting, producing, using, or selling canaboid products that can be smoked, added to food or drinks or that are marketed to be enticing to children.MonitorTo GovernorManufacturing
HB 389Nursing Education Program AmendmentsLisonbee, KarianneA nursing program that is not accreditated may receive a temporary five year approval from the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing under certain circumstances for the purpose of licensing graduates.MonitorPassed Senate CommitteeWorkforce
HB 390Early College and Concurrent Enrollment Program AmendmentsSnow, LowryDirects the State Board of Education to prioritize funding to cover early college tests for students experiencing economic disadvantage.MonitorIn the SenateWorkforce & Education
HB 393 S1Water Reporting AmendmentsFerry, JoelDirects the State Engineer to study the effects of producing hydrogen through electrolysis.MonitorTo GovernorWater
HB 396Paid Professional Hours for EducatorsMoss, JeffersonDirects LEAs to provide paid hours for professional development to teachers, counselors, administration, specialists, and psychologists.MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce & Education
HB 398Traffic Safety Data Sharing AmendmentsJohnson, DanAllows the Department of Health to share information about traffic accidents with the Department of Public Safety.MonitorPassed Senate CommitteeTransportation & Infrastructure
HB 400Associate Physician License AmendmentsBarlow, StewartAllows an associate physician to practice for more than six years in more areas than just primary care.MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce & Healthcare
HB 401Property Tax Relief AmendmentsWaldrip, SteveIncreases the income threshold for a homeowner or renter credit. Increases the homeowner credit amount.SupportReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeHousing
HB 404Large Public Transit District AmendmentsBallard, MelissaWhen starting the procurement process for a zero emissions passenger railcar or more than 10 buses, the public transit district is to request information on different zero emissions propulsion systems and their costs. MonitorIn the SenateTransportation & Infrastructure
HB 405Switcher AmendmentsSchultz, MikeIf there are more than four switchers in a yard, they are to be powered wholly by a hydrogen fuel cell or battery-electric power by 1/1/2028.MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeAir Quality
HB 407Short-term Rental Enforcement AmendmentsBennion, Gay LynnAllows municipalities to zone for areas that allow an prohibit short-term property rentals. Directs the court to fine a repeat offender with the maximum allowable fine that may not be reduced or waived.MonitorIntroducedHousing
HB 408Product Liability AmendmentsKing, BrianDoes not require proof of a safer alternative design for a defective product for a claimant to be successful in a civil procedure.OpposeIntroducedBusiness Climate
HB 410Great Salt Lake Watershed EnhancementWilson, BradCreates the Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Program which aims to address waterflow to the GSL, conserve & restore upstream habitats, conduct assessments and studies as needed and engage various stakeholders for the purpose of preserving and restoring the Great Salt Lake.Priority Bill To GovernorWater
HB 415Transit Worker Safety AmendmentsHandy, StephenMakes assault of a transit worker a Class A misdemeanor.MonitorFailed to Pass the HouseWorkforce
HB 416Property Rights Ombudsman AmendmentsPeterson, ValAdds a responsibility to the Office of Property Rights Ombudsman--they shall review all local government's land use and development policy and ordinance to ensure compliance with state law. MonitorIntroducedHousing
HB 418 S1Grid Resilience CommitteeAlbrecht, CarlCreates the Grid Resilience Committee who is tasked with advising the state on policy pertaining to grid resilience and its supporting critical infrastructure.SupportTo GovernorInfrastructure & Energuy
HB 424Workforce Development in the Skilled Trades ActDailey-Provost, JenniferA government project that will be worth more than $500,000 would be required to have at least 10% of the total project hours completed by an apprentice, except in areas where there is not an adequate number of available apprentices.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 425Beer Order and Delivery AmendmentsBriscoe, JoelAllows an off-premise retailer to apply for a license to deliver up to four cases of beer.MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate
HB 427Wildlife Accident ProtectionsOwens, DougRequires the Department of Transportation to include any wildlife mitigation efforts in their annual report to the Transportation Interim Committee.MonitorPassed Senate CommitteeTransportation
HB 429Great Salt Lake AmendmentsMiles, KellyDirects the DWR to enact the Great Salt Lake Watershed Integrated Water Assessment to determine the quantity and quality of water resources, and best practices for maintaining the lake.MonitorTo GovernorWater
HB 431Social Credit Score AmendmentsActon, CherylThis bill prohibits an employer, government institution or financial institution from participating in setting up a social credit score system that could lead to adverse treatment of a person. Prohibits a financial institution from collecting, reporting, maintaining records of credit worthiness of their social network in determining credit worthiness of that individual. Allows for civil action.MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 435Mining Regulation AmendmentsOwens, DougExempts small mining operations that are not in first or second class counties from filing a notice of intent to start a mining operation.MonitorIntroducedNatural Resources
HB 437 S1Education Research and Innovation AmendmentsMoss, JeffersonChanges the ULEAD steering committee to have two co-chairs, and directs the committees to report to the Interim Education Committee about innovative practices in Utah and other states.MonitorTo GovernorEducation
HB 438 S1Point of the Mountain State Land Authority AmendmentsSnow, LowryEstablishes a loan committee to recommend loans for infrastructure. Allows the authority board to set a maximum energy tax of 6%. Requires a lessee to pay an annual fee for land used. MonitorOn House Concurrence CalendarBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 440Homeless Services AmendmnentsEliason, SteveDefines how much available funding different municipalities shall receive to provide services for those experiencing homelessness and mitigate the effects of homeless shelters in their municipality. MonitorTo GovernorHousing
HB 441Community Paramedicine AmendmentsJohnson, DanAllows an ambulance or quick response provider to provide medical care to a person who is not in need of ambulance transportation nor is in a health care facility. MonitorPassed the SenateHealthcare
HB 443 S1Utah Inland Port Authority AmendmentsSchultz, MikeReduces the board from 11 members to five and includes three nonvoting members, one of whom is a member of the Salt Lake City Council. Directs the UIPA to use the property tax differential to recruit business, and sets forth post-performance parameters (amount of money spent in the area, number of jobs created, etc.) for which a person may qualify to receive a business recruitment incentive.MonitorTo GovernorEconomic Development
HB 444Income Tax RevisionsSpendlove, RobertAllows an entity to pay taxes on behalf of an individual and for the individual to claim those on their tax return.Priority Bill To GovernorBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 445Homeowners Association AmendmentsLyman, PhilDirect the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman to include attorneys with various expertises in laws and acts related to housing. The office shall also help with mediation between lot owners, HOAs, and other stakeholders when there has been a violation.MonitorIntroducedHousing
HB 448Statute of Limitations AmendmentsCollard, ClareModifies the statute of limitations for wage discrimination to be no more than two years after the discrimination happened. MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 449Bereavement Leave ModificationsShipp, RexRequires that three days of leave be provided to an employee following a miscarriage or stillbirth.MonitorIn the SenateWorkforce
HB 452Corporation Reinstatement AmendmentsRobertson, AdamDirects the State Tax Commission to ensure all tax compliance for a nonprofit that has applied to have its nonprofit status be reinstated. MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate
HB 453Alcohol Restrictions AmendmentsBriscoe, JoelAllows breweries that are zoned as such to sell their own product on the premises where the product was made. MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate
HB 456Virtual Currency Payment AmendmentsTeuscher, JordanWould allow for the payment of taxes with virtual currency.MonitorIn the SenateBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 457Consumer Data Privacy AmendmentsCollard, ClareCreates a section of code that will apply the Protection of Personal Information Act to state agencies. Also gives the AG the authority to use an injunction to enforce this bill.MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate
HB 462Utah Housing Affordability AmendmentsWaldrip, SteveAlso known as SB 34+. This bill requires cities to adopt an implementation plan for moderate income housing. Prioritizes certain funding for municipalities who demonstrate plans to implement a certain number of moderate income housing, and prohibits municipalities from receiving certain funds if they fail to comply with moderate income housing reporting. Requires the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority to designate a certain percentage of proposed housing units to be dedicated as affordable housing units.Priority BillTo GovernorHousing
HB 464Utah Clean Energy FundBriscoe, JoelEnacts the Utah Clean Energy Fund that will direct 40% of funds to impacted communities. Develops and adopts work programs to institute qualified projects which include alternative fuel vehicle projects, energy efficiency projects, renewable energy projects, clean agriculture projects, etc.SupportIntroducedEnergy
HB 467School Health Services AmendmentsJohnson, DanMakes certain speech-language pathologists and audiologists that work in schools eligible for Teacher Salary Supplment Program.SupportIntroducedWorkforce
HB 470Higher Education Residency AmendmentsTeuscher, JordanDefines an asylee applicant or refugee as a resident student and eligible for resident tuition for higher education purposes.SupportIntroducedWorkforce & Education
HB 474Municipal and County Land Use and Development RevisionsWaldrip, SteveA municipality may allow for high density housing zoning as long as it is in compliance with state and municipality statutes and for the combining of lots for a subdivision.SupportIn CommitteeHousing
HB 475Use of Public Education Stabilization Account One-Time FundingLast, BradleyCreates the Small School District Capital Projects Fund which will be funded by a one-time appropriation from the Executive Appropriations Committee. Creates the Capital Projects Evaluation Panel which will review, prioritize, and approve proposals for state funding.MonitorTo GovernorEducation
HB 478Minimum Basic Tax Rate ReductionLast, BradleyRepeals the WPU value rate and its related studies. Ends the minimum basic tax rate freeze on July 1, 2022.MonitorIn the SenateEducation and Economy
HB 480Educational Psychologist AmendmentsBarlow, StewartCreates licensure for educational psychologists.MonitorIntroducedEducation & Workforce
HB 481Education Reporting AmendmentsPulsipher, SusanEliminates the assessment and reporting requirement for and LEA that is participating in the Digital Teaching and Learning Grant Program. MonitorTo GovernorEducation
HB 484Cosmetologist Regulation AmendmentsStrong, MarkHealth Departments and local governments are not allowed to regulate or require an uncompensated person to be licensed to practice cosmetology.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 486License Complaint AmendmentsWard, RayRequires the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to publish investigated claims against a licensee online.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HCR 007 S2Concurrent Resolution Regarding Improving Air Quality Through Enhanced Zero Emission RailBallard, Melissa G.This bill seeks to curb pollution with emphasis on tech solutions and increase in shifting freight to rail trafficMonitorSigned by GovernorAir Quality
HCR 010Concurrent Resolution Regarding an Interlocal Agreement Creating the Jordan River CommissionActon, CherylAllows the Department of Transportation to enter into the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with the Jordan River Commission. MonitorSigned by GovernorWater
HCR 011Concurrent Resolution Honoring the Work of Primary Care Providers to the Citizens of UtahDailey-Provost, JenniferAcknowledges and expresses gratitude for the ongoing work of primary care providers to maintain the health of Utah citizens.SupportSigned by GovernorHealthcare & Workforce
HCR 019Concurrent Resolution Acknowledging and Highlighting the History, Culture, and Contributions of the Native American Peoples of UtahWeight, ElizabethEncourages the education about the rich and diverse history of Native Americans, particularly those who live and have lived within on Utah lands, and the contributions that Native Americans make and have made to their communities, the state, and the nation. Also urges the State Board of Education and LEAs to engage with Utah Native American Leaders to increase students' opportunities to learn more about the eight tribal nations in Utah. Encourages schools, teams, and communities to engage in dialogue with local Native American communities about the use of Native American Mascots to find agreement or retire the use of these mascots out of respect.SupportIn the SenateDiversity, Equity and Inclusion
HCR 022Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Employment of Qualified Ex-Offenders by Public EntitiesMatthews, AshleeEncourages the hiring of ex-offenders by public entities. SupportIntroducedWorkforce
HJR 012Joint Resolution Recognizing the Utah Olympic LegacyHawkins, JonResolution to recognize the 20th anniversary of the 2002 Olympic Games and those who contributed to its success.SupportTo Governor
HJR 015Joint Resolution Recognizing the Employment First InitiativeEliason, SteveThis resolution supports the Employment First Initiative which seeks to help individuals with disabilities find employment.SupportTo GovernorDiversity and Workforce
HJR 016Joint Resolution Approving Exchange of School and Institutional Trust LandsHawkes, TimothyApproves the proposed trade between the Dept. of the Interior and the Governor for state land that is completely surrounded by federal land.Monitor Returned to Senate Rules CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HJR 018 S2Joint Resolution Encouraging the Use by the State of Blended CementHandy, StephenEncourages the state to examine and determine the benefits of using blended cements in construction projects.MonitorReturned to Senate Rules CommitteeInfrastructure
SB 014 S1Consumer Alcoholic Beverage PurchasingDavis, Gene
Hawkes, Timothy
This bill creates the consumer purchasing system which allows consumers to order wine online, though it must be through an approved vendor and picked up at a state liquor store or packaging facility. MonitorTo GovernorBusiness Climate and Economy
SB 016 S2Licensing AmendmentsBramble, Curtis
Ferry, Joel
Creates the Office of Occupational and Professional Licensure Review which reviews applications to establish a new regulated profession, respond to legislator inquiries regarding an occupational licensing matter. The Occupational and Professional Licensure Review Office will conduct a review for each application that seeks to newly regulate an occupation, review each occupation that requires a license at least once every ten years, and review and respond to legislative inquiries over occupational licensing matters.

The creation of this office will help eliminate unnecessary licenses and work to give power back to the market when deciding if someone is qualified enough for a position.
MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce
SB 022Public-Private Partnership AmendmentsMillner, Ann
Moss, Jefferson
Allows GO Utah to be facilitator functions/responsibilities or to contract out those functions. Eliminates a provision putting a limit on a Public Private Partnership project. Defines the role of a facilitator and tasks them with creating a website about public-private partnerships opportunities. "through promotional, informational, and other activities, work to help move the state to the forefront throughout the country in the area of private participation in public infrastructure development through public-private partnerships."SupportTo GovernorBusiness & Economy
SB 026Division of Consumer Protection AmendmentsBramble, Curtis
Ferry, Joel
Amends several consumer protection provisions and amends provisions regarding enforcement of the Business Opportunity Disclosure Act. Defines the disclosures process one must do to sell a franchise or businessMonitorTo GovernorBusiness climate and Economy
SB 028 S2Office of American Indian-Alaska Native AffairsIwamoto, Jani
Watkins, Christine
Creates the Office of American Indian-Alaska Native Affairs which will work under DHHS. Also creates the Indian Child Welfare Act Liaison to work in conjunction with the American Indian-Alaska Native Health Liaison to ensure needs of healthcare and welfare are met and address any disparities. SupportTo GovernorDiversity & Inclusion
SB 031Water Rights Proofs on Small Amounts of WaterSandall, Scott D. Ferry, Joel Bill changes requirements on proof submitted to state engineer on small amounts of water, this includes a residence, 1/4acre irrigable land, livestock watering right for 10 cattle-will lower fees and regulatory burden SupportTo GovernorWater
SB 035Expungement ModificationsWeiler, Todd
Ward, Raymond
Amends the procedures for the automatic expungement of certain offenses.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce
SB 039Mobile Workforce Income Tax AmendmentsBramble, Curtis
Moss, Jefferson
This bill states that a nonresident individual's income is not subject to Utah income tax if 1) it is their only source of income from Utah for that taxable year, 2) the individual is in the state fewer than 20 days to do the work, and provided that the individual's resident state provides a similar exclusion OR does not impose a state individual income tax. This does not apply to professional athletes, performers or entertainers, laborers or other property constructors, key employees, or officers or top-50 earners of a company.MonitorTo GovernorTaxes and Budget
SB 042Highter Education Performance Funding GoalsMillner, Ann
Snow, Lowry
Creates a requirement for the Utah system of higher education to create a 5-year plan that helps to increase Utah high school graduates by 3%, a cohort earning degrees to increase 3% and high-yielding award cohorts to increase by 3%.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce & Education
SB 043 S4Occupational and Professional Licensing ModificationsBramble, Curtis
Ferry, Joel
This legislation will allow the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to issue an occupational license to a person who has come to Utah internationally or from a different state. Issuing a license to these persons will occur if they have at least one year of experience practicing the occupation they are seeking licensing for, it has been determined that their education experience and skills demonstrate competency, or if their previous jurisdictions licensing requirements were substantively similar to those in Utah when their previous license was issued.

Additionally, this legislation creates a pathway for a person who did not previously hold an occupational license to receive one. A person in this scenario could become licensed if it is determined that their education and experience are substantively similar to what is required for that profession in Utah.
SupportIn Conference CommitteeWorkforce & Education
SB 044 S1Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensing AmendmentsKennedy, Michael
Nelson, Merrill
Reduces the number of clinical hours required for licensure as a mental health counselor from 4000 to 3000. Also extends the sunset date for the pathway to obtain licensure as an associate clinical mental health counselor provision.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce & Education
SB 046 MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT PROTECTIONThatcher, Daniel The current law already says employers shall treat employee use of medical cannabis in the same way they treat prescribed controlled substances. But SB 46 goes further to clarify they must treat the “status as a medical cannabis cardholder” or “cannabis recommendation” in the same way they treat an employee’s prescription for any controlled substance.MonitorTo Governor
SB 049State Film Production Incentives AmendmentsWinterton, Ronald
Handy, Stephebn
Exempts certain rural film productions from limits on the total amount of refundable motion picture tax credit incentives the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity may issue each fiscal yearSupportPassed House CommitteeBusiness Climate and Economy
SB 059 S4State Income Tax Rate ReductionMcCay, DanielLowers corporate and individual tax rate to 4.9%. Bill would take effect after current year in 1/1/23 MonitorSigned by GovernorTaxes and Budget
SB 062 S1Income Tax Rate ReductionMcCay, DanielLowers the corporate and individual income tax to 4.6% for 2022.SupportTo GovernorTaxes and Budget
SB 076Targeted Business Income Tax CreditMcCay, DanielAllows a business applicant to claim the Targeted Income Tax Credit for an Enterprise Zone for a taxable year beginning before 1/1/23. Sets forth direction for the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity to report on and present a summary and analysis for each tax credit.SupportPassed House CommitteeTaxes and Budget
SB 080 S2Real Property Recording Amendments Winterton, RonaldStipulates that property recording must be done in the recorders office unless under certain expectionsMonitorTo Governor
SB 081 S3Affordable Housing Tax AmendmentsIwamoto, Jani
Waldrip, Steve
This bill prescribes a valuation method for determining the fair market value of real property subject to a low-income housing covenant; requires a county assessor to send a form approved by the State Tax Commission to each owner of real property subject to a low-income housing covenant.MonitorTo GovernorHousing
SB 089Water AmendmentsIwamoto, JaniModifies provisions regarding water conservation plan to include reduction goal, rate structures to encourage more efficient use, increases rates for additional use of water block usageSupportTo GovernorWater
SB 093 S1Business Tax AmendmentsFillmore, LincolnExempts supplies used in the course of business from personal property tax, exempts certain tangible personal property consumed in the performance of a taxable service from sales and use tax, exempts certain tangible personal property used or consumed in the production or development of taxable computer software from sales and use tax. SupportTo GovernorTaxes and Budget
SB 095 S1Limitations on Employer Liability Owens, DerrinAddresses liability of an employer for negligently hiring, or failing to adequately supervise, an employee that has been previously convicted of an offense a cause of action may not be brought against an employer for negligently hiring, or for failing to adequately supervise, an employee based on evidence that the employee has been previously convicted in this state or in another jurisdiction of an offense. The bill would apply only to industries such as automotive, construction, culinary arts, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, and transportation.MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce
SB 097Solid and Hazardous Wast AmendmentsWinterton, RonaldThis bill states that a facility that only receives waste from the exploration or production of oil and gas is not considered a commercial nonhazardous solid waste teratment, storage, or disposal facility.MonitorTo GovernorNatural Resources
SB 100 S1Paid Leave ModificationsWeiler, ToddState employers provide paid leave for birth, adoption, taking legal guardianship of minorMonitorTo GovernorWorkforce
SB 101Nurse Apprenticeship Licensing ActVickers, EvanThis bill allows Divison of Occupational and Professional Licensing to set forth a process to license a registered nurse apprentice and requirements for this license. Would create new path for persons seeking to enter the healthcare nursing field.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce
SB 104Community Health Worker Certification ProcessEscamilla, LuzThis bill would create a certification process via the Department of Health for those completing 90hrs of competency based education and 300hrs of community involvement, process would ensure upholding national standards and best practices for community health workers who seek the certification.MonitorTo GovernorWorkforce
SB 110 S1Water as Part of General PlanMcKell, Michael K.This bill requires counties and municipalities to incorporate water usage into their general plan, effects water conservation will have on development, and methods to reduce water demand as part of their plan.SupportTo GovernorWater
SB 112Pretrial Restorative Justice AmendmentsKitchen, DerekAllows DA's to establish and operate a restorative justice pilot program, with the goal being to allow the offender to take responsbility, make restituiton and resolve the offense as appropriate SupportIntroducedWorkforce
SB 113In-Person Learning ModificationsWeiler, ToddThis bill clarifies when a student can return to in-person learning at school under test to stay programs, will support more in-person learning,provide remote learning for those not comfortable attending, and sets forth some exceptions when cases are high and risks of in-person learning outweigh value thereof.MonitorIntroducedEducation
SB 117Utah Antidiscrimination Act AmendmentsKitchen, DerekThis bill updates the Utah Antidiscrimination Act to include traits associated with race including a protective hairstyleMonitorHeld in CommitteeDiversity and Inclusion
SB 121Anesthesiologist Assistant Licensing ActMcKell, Michael K.This bill would require Physician Licensing Board to regulate anesthesiologist assistants, creates a license and qualifications for receiving it, waiting on fiscal note to reviewMonitorTo GovernorWorkforce
SB 122 S2Unmanned Aircraft AmendmentsKennedy, MichaelCreates the Utah Advanced Air Mobility Task Force to study issue and sets forth for the consideration of legislation for the next general session. Governor gets to appoint 2 members from the business community to the Task ForceSupportTo GovernorBusiness Climate
SB 125 S1Hospitality Employee Tax CreditHarper, WayneThis bill will provide a one time refundable employee tax credit for hospitality workers who work 1560 hours as a food service employeeSupportPassed House CommitteeTaxes & Workforce
SB 127 S1Early Literacy Outcomes ImprovementMillner, AnnRequires state board to set up strategies and programs to improve literacy for K-3, requires diagnostic testing for students to target interventions for those lacking competency SupportTo GovernorEducation
SB 129State Prevailing Wage RequirementsKitchen, DerekRequires workers on a state construction be paid the "prevailing wage" and gives the labor commission the authority to investigate alleged violationsMonitorHeld in CommitteeWorkforce
SB 131Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensing Sunset ExtensionWeiler, ToddChanges clinical mental health licensure to include 60 semester hours or 90 quater hours plus 4000hours clinical experience, to include 1000 hours of supervised work, with 100hrs direct supervision and a min of 2hrs for suicide prevention training MonitorPassed CommitteeWorkforce and Healthcare
SB 134 S2Special Education AmendmentsBramble, Curtis This bill requires the LEA provide special education in the least restrictive manner, even in classes with non special ed students, funding will come from the special ed funds even if benefit accrues to other studentsMonitorPassed the HouseEducation
SB 135Income Tax Revenue AmendmentsMcCay, DanielState Tax Commission is directed to report on whether a new federal law will increase state income tax revenue to the Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee who will then make recommendations to the Legislative Management Committee.Support In CommitteeTaxes & Budgets
SB 136Air Quality Policy AmendmentsEscamilla, LuzThis bill expands Air Quality Policy Advisory Board by 1 to 13 members, will make recommendations to the legislature on how to improve air quality in the state, oversee a study and make a recommendation to legislature on ways to implement a diesel emissions reduction program, offers inland port access preference for vehicles with current federal emission standards, electric, or clean fuel usage.MonitorPassed House CommitteeAir Quality
SB 139 S1Prescription Cost Amendments Vickers, EvanThis bill would allow prescription drug payments to count toward ones annual deductible and max out of pocket limit, broadens the application of "cost sharing agreement" which generally means copays, procedures, and other fees required under a plan-to now include Rx drug costs, addresses payments from HSA when drug is not preventive will only apply count once deductible is already met. MonitorPassed CommitteeHealthcare
SB 140 S2Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone AmendmentsHarper, WayneThis bill stipulates municipalities or public transit counties may only propose housing and transit reinvestment zones along light rail or bus rapid transit, sets cap of 8 zones around light rail in a county and 3 around rapid bus in a county Priority Bill Reconsidered in the HouseHousing/Transporation
SB 143Office of Student Health AffairsRiebe, KathleenThis bill creates the Office of Student Health Affairs within Dept of Health and Human Services, and will increase access to student health in primary schoolsMonitorIn CommitteeHealthcare
SB 146 S1Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining AmendmentsWinterton, RonaldGives the Division regulatory oversight of tar sands that are produced at the wellhead in liquid form through enhanced recovery operationsMonitorTo GovernorEnergy
SB 148 S1Construction Registry Amendments McCay, DanielEstablish a contruction business registery of contact information for licensed contractors, permits charing a fee to be listed, calls for it to be onlineMonitorPassed House CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 159School Funding ProvisionsOwens, DerrinChanges the funding rules for school districts that consolidate schools, sets up a revolving loan account through the Uniform School Fund to provide rural district improvement loans to certain school districits MonitorIntroducedEducation
SB 160 S1Colorado River Authority of Utah Amendments Winterton, RonAmends the membership on the Colorado River Authority of Utah, requires the authority to consult with tribes; addresses rulemaking procedure requirements; addresses rulemaking procedure requirements;MonitorTo GovernorWater
SB 172 S1Higher Education Student Assistance AmendmentsVickers, EvanThis bill would take funds from the dissolution of Utah Higer Education Assistance Loan Portfolio and create the Higer Education Student Success Endowment, and authorizes the Utah Board of Higer Ed to use those funds to advance higher ed system prioritiesMonitorTo GovernorWorkforce
SB 174Pollution Control Equipment Tax AmendmentsVickers, EvanThis bill sets for a depreciation schedule on pollution control equipment related to oil refinery and allows for taxpayers to appeal an assessment that deviates from the tax schedule MonitorTo GovernorNatural Resources
SB 180Massage Therapy Practice Act AmendmentsBramble, CurtThis bill creates a pathway into massage under a new license classification labeled a certified massage practitioner, sets forward qualifications and requires a licensed therapist to supervise new practitionersSupportIn the HouseWorkforce
SB 182 S1Digital Assets AmendmentsCullimore, KirkThe substitute dropped a fee schedule and sets forth ownership and custody for digital assets.SupportTo GovernorInnovation
SB 187Fossil Fuels Kitchen, DerekCarbon TaxMonitorHeld in CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 188Energy Efficiency AmendmentsCullimore, KirkThis bill directs the Point of The Mountain State Land Authority to study establishing a research center to look at air quality/energy efficiency and creates a clean fuels and vehicle tech fund to provide loans or grants to private sector businesses or govnerment vehicles to switch over to one using a clean fuelMonitorTo GovernorAir Quality
SB 191 S2Regulatory Sandbox in EducationFillmore, LincolnThis bill allows public and charter schools to develop an innovation plan that covers staffing, curriculum, scheduling, employment, salary. Gives more control to local LEA for duration of innovation plan.MonitorTo GovernorEducation
SB 197Public Education Funding Amendments Fillmore, Lincoln This bill provides state offsets to cover funds allocated by the district to another entity so they meet funding the basic school servicesSupportHeld in CommitteeEducation
SB 198Electronic Free Speech AmendmentsMckell, MichaelThis bill requires social media companies with over 1m users to clearly communicate to Utah account holders the social media corp's moderation practices beginning 1/7/23 and yearly thereafter, requires social media corp to notify Utah account holders within 24hrs if they moderate a post, must cite the terms of use the account or post violated, there is no private right of action but the Attorney General acting under the Division of Consumer Protection can upon referral from the Division initiate an enforcement action against the social media corp.OpposePassed CommitteeBusiness Climate
SB 208Alcholic Beverage Recycling RequirementsKitchen, DerekThis bill requires ABC Commission to set up model recycling program, requires retail licensee to recycle bottles from alcholic beverages and requires retail licensee to submit recycling plan as part of license renewal, pertains to event recycling as wellMonitorHeld in CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 212Manufacturing Modernization Grant ProgramMillner, AnnThis bill creates the manufacturing grant program under Go Utah with the purpose to establish, relocate, retain or develop manufacturing in the state to lessen dependence on manufacturing overseas.Priority Bill To GovernorEconomic Development & Business Climate
SB 214Utah Broadband Center Advisory CommissionWilson, ChrisThis will create the advisory commission to oversee a statewide digital connectivity plan.SupportTo GovernorBroadband access
SB 216Modifications to Driver License AmendmentsEscamilla, LuzAllows an individual to take the Class D driver test in one of five languages that will be determined by the Division of Multicultural AffairsPriorityPassed the HouseDiversity
SB 218 Fund of Funds ModificationsSandall, ScottThis bill repeals provisions relating to the Utah Capital Investment Corporation and the fund of funds, except that: the Utah Capital Investment Restricted Account remains intact but is modified to accept funds paid to the state by the Utah Capital Investment Corporation or the fund of funds Monitor Passed the HouseEconomic Development & Business Climate
SB 221Water Related Sales and Use Tax AmendmentsHinkins, DavidThis bill changes funding from "dedicated credits" to specific sales and use tax revenue toward water conservation, development, conducting studies and other funding needs.SupportPassed the HouseWater
SB 227Consumer Privacy ActCullimore, KirkThe Act would apply to any "controller" or "processor" that conducts business in the state of Utah or which produces a product or service that is targeted to the residents of Utah
The bill would provide consumers the right to access, correct, and delete certain personal data, as well as the right to opt out of collection and use personal information for certain purposes. In addition, the bill features mandated annual data protection assessments, but no private right of action.
MonitorTo GovernorBusiness Climate
SB 236Pharmacy Practice AmendmentsVickers, EvanThis bill stops the insurer or pharmacy benefit manager from asking the pharmacy or insured how a prescription was paid for except to insure compliance with state and federal lawMonitorTo GovernorHealthcare
SB 238Homeless Service ModificationsAnderegg, JacobThis bill sets up a COVID19 homeless housing and grant services program. Will provide director and review applications and make recommendations to homelessness council. SupportPassed the HouseHousing
SB 250Mineral Exploration Tax CreditHinkins, DavidThis bill allows persons conducting exploratory activities in mining to claim a tax credit against their severance tax liability regarding mineral exploration costs.MonitorIn the HouseEnergy
SB 251Grow Your Own Teacher and School Counselor Pipeline ProgramReibe, KathleenAllows local education agency to select a teacher for a scholarship award through this program to teachers who were paraprofessionals that became teachers and seeking licensure.SupportTo GovernorWorkforce
SJR 10Joint Resolution Emphasizing a Desire and Readiness to Host a Future Olympic and Paralympic Winter GamesKitchen, DerekUtah is ready to host another winter and paralympic gamesSupportTo GovernorBusiness Climate & Economy