Promoting a Business Friendly Environment at Every Level

The Salt Lake Chamber continues to fulfill our mission by working to retain Utah’s business climate as one of the best in the nation. Utah’s current success has been because of several key ingredients: low taxes, top-notch infrastructure, a talented workforce, a well-managed and limited government, and effective regulations. These core elements support our free enterprise economy and create an environment for economic success. Through partnerships at every level, Utah’s premiere business environment can be preserved for future generations.

Improving the business climate in Utah at the local level is key to our future economic success and competitiveness. This is accomplished by streamlining and modernizing business regulations in order to determine which ones should be kept, or modified, or eliminated. It is in that spirit that Governor Herbert, Utah League of Cities and Towns and Salt Lake Chamber have partnered together to promote streamlined regulations at the local level and provide cities with a new framework to achieve that goal. This starter kit will guide your city towards a more business friendly environment: Click Here

Access to city information:

  • Does your city/town have sufficient business information available on the website?
  • Does your city/town explain how to obtain licenses on the website?
  • Does your city/town have ordinances that are easily accessible, searchable, and online?
  • Does your city/town participate in the State of Utah’s business single sign-on portal?
  • Does your city/town participate in the State of Utah’s OneStop business registration?
  • Can businesses obtain necessary information from the city easily and quickly?

Areas to Consider: 

  • Have you updated your code and ordinances to reflect recent legislation?
  • Review your business development fees
  • Streamline your business application process
  • Review your zoning and code amendment process
  • Review and streamline your development review process
  • Review and streamline your building permit and site approval process
  • Review your sign code and sign permit process
  • Review your impact fees
  • Review and streamline your vendor license process
  • Review and streamline your special event application process
  • Review and streamline your building inspection process
  • Review and streamline your wastewater inspection process
  • Update your General Plan or Transportation Plan
  • Utilize the Land Use Academy of Utah training videos for local elected officials, planning commissioners,
    business leaders, and the general public


  • Create a process to improve communication between city/town, business leaders, & the general public
  • Articulate to business leaders and the general public how business fees are invested in the city/town
    (via newspaper, website, or social media)
  • Articulate to business leaders and the general public why certain regulations exist
  • Join and participate in the local chamber
  • Create a process for how to prioritize and implement suggestions from business leaders and residents
  • Create a process for regular dialogue between city staff, residents and business leaders about continued
    improvement and implementation

For a best practice example from the previous effort: Click Here

2017 Recipients:

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Key Contacts:

Cameron Diehl
Director of Government Relations
Utah League of Cities and Towns

Mike Mower
Deputy Chief of Staff
Governor’s Office

Lincoln Shurtz
Government Affairs Director
Utah Association of Counties

Our state continues to garner national praise for our pro-business climate. Utah’s administrative code has clear processes, requires business engagement and has been continuously improved. In 2011, the state conducted one of the most thorough regulation reviews in the nation. However, in comparison to leading states, Utah’s regulatory structure is becoming outdated. We believe key reforms focused on improving analysis and evaluation of rules will greatly improve Utah’s business climate.

Reform #1: Better Evaluation

Reform #2: Stopping Unnecessary Regulation

Reform #3: Improving Transparency and Oversight

Reform #4: Achieving a National Model

In collaboration with the Governor’s Office, the Legislature’s Adminstrative Rules Review Committee, the Department of Administrative Services, and the Office of Legislative Fiscal Analyst, the was developed to help keep Utah the Best State for Business: Learn More

For a brief summary: Click Here

Overly complex and costly federal regulations are holding Utah’s – and our nation’s economy – back. This throttles investment and slows business growth. Utah deserves a working national regulatory system that is fair for everyone, takes into account the views of communities and businesses, evaluates the impact rules will have on jobs and small businesses, and protects our economic and personal freedoms.