SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, August 13, 2021 — The Urban Land Institute (ULI Utah) and Utah’s Office of Energy Development announces a dynamic panel discussion of influential women leading the way in renewable energy and sustainability in Utah. The event, moderated by Thom Carter, Energy Advisor to the Governor and Executive Director of the Utah Office of Energy Development, will be held on September 9, 2021 at 11:30AM at the newly built Jacobsen Construction Headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Panelists to date consist of: Dr. Laura Nelson, Advisor to the Green Hydrogen Coalition; Emily Cloke, United Kingdom Consul General in Los Angeles, representing the US Southwest; Candyce Fly Lee, Williams Companies; Ibi Guevera, Hunt Electric; and Teri Klug, Virtual Power Systems. The panelists come from different energy sectors, each with their own unique perspectives. The panelists are “enHERgizing”, so to speak, the growing renewable energy space in Utah. According to a recent study, Utah ranks among the top ten states with the largest growth in renewable energy production. In fact, Utah seeks to have 20% of the electricity sold to state consumers generated from renewable sources by 2025. With solar leading the way, our state has seen great strides in the areas of hydropower, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydrogen.

“What these women and their organizations bring to the table aligns perfectly with Governor Cox’s goals for the growth of renewable energy in our state,” said Thom Carter. “I’m honored to moderate this event and excited to hear their unique perspectives and how that can positively impact our residents and business owners.” “We are at a very unique position today in terms of our energy transition,” said panelist Laura Nelson, “It’s this perspective around the power of innovation and the power of providing solutions that I hope to bring to these discussions as we create practical market-based opportunities to realize successful outcomes for energy systems and for people.” Panelist Emily Cloke put it this way, “Climate change, sustainability and renewable energy are areas of major concern worldwide and among the UK’s top priorities. Adopting an all society approach to address these may indeed be the best solution.”

ULI and Utah Women’s Leadership Initiative are pleased to sponsor this exciting event for the powerful conversation in renewable energy it no doubt will create in our state, but also for the equally positive impact it can have on young women everywhere seeking to make a difference in our sustainable future and their potential careers.

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