Mental health has long been a vital social impact issue that affects Utah’s families, communities, and businesses. The coronavirus pandemic and associated economic impacts exacerbated an already dire situation, bringing to light now more than ever the importance of mental and emotional well-being for Utahns in general, and particularly Utah’s workforce.

“Workforce Resilience through Mental Fitness” is a new campaign from the Salt Lake Chamber’s nonprofit social impact foundation: Utah Community Builders. This campaign will provide Utah business leaders with information, tools, and resources to improve the “mental fitness” of their employees, thus elevating the mental and emotional resilience of Utah’s workforce, and by extension all Utahns.

We’re offering three things that will help your business create a culture of mental fitness and achieve a more resilient workforce: the Suicide Prevention in the Workforce Employer Toolkit, expert speakers from our launch and ongoing webinars, and community partners offering vital services, often for free or at a discount to Chamber members.