In January of 2014, Roy Cone Administrators presented a plan to their community partners. A plan to prepare a multitude of diverse students for success in a world in which many of the jobs they will be holding haven’t yet been created. Standing up for their kids and community, they boldly asserted: we are one town, one team with one dream–EVERYONE graduates!

Roy High Principal Butters shared some of the successes of this effort at the Prosperity through Education Breakfast Forum on 6/23 at the Salt Lake Chamber. The Roy Cone adopted the goals of Prosperity 2020 to increase reading and math proficiency, and improve high school graduation rates. They are committed to preparing students for college and career. And, they are implementing strategies that work for their community.

Outstanding successes include:

  • Reading proficiency among elementary students has increased by 8% to 74%
  • The average growth in math proficiency in 3rd graders compared to the start of the year was 106%
  • This year 60% of seniors applied to at least one college or trade school
  • The senior class graduation rate for 2015 was 95%

Can the Roy Cone ‘secret sauce’ be reformulated to create successes in any of the other 150+ high school networks in Utah?

Prosperity 2020 Chair Alan Hall thinks so. He noted that Principal Butters is a visionary executive, her leadership skills are a key ingredient to the success. She and other educators were empowered with the authority to develop a plan to meet the goals for improved education outcomes. Other key ingredients are the partnerships and resources aligned around strategies to support goals. Mr. Hall donated private funds and advocated for matching public funds that are providing crucial resources for the implementation of the initiatives. The community provided many volunteer hours tutoring students.

All of the ‘ingredients’ that are factors in the successes in the Roy Cone have potential in other cones. Our end goal is that our communities thrive as our citizens realize their individual potential. Educational attainment is closely tied to individual and societal prosperity.

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