It’s time to Ignite and Inspire small business owners across the state

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (February 2, 2018) – Today the Salt Lake Chamber held the “Small Business Summit: Ignite & Inspire” at the Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown. The half-day conference provided small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to come together, learn new tools, gain practical skills and make invaluable connections to help support the growth and success of small business in Utah.

Those in attendance were able to visit several breakout sessions that featured topics such as risk management, marketing and sales, cybersecurity, succession planning, recruiting and retaining talent, and more.

“A lot of times, as business owners, we get very concerned about our businesses, our goals and objectives and sometimes we unintentionally neglect our own professional development,” said Ingolf de Jong, Salt Lake Chamber Small Business Committee Chairman. “The Small Business Summit was designed to help people with that; to give them specific tactics, ideas and things they can take home with them that day in order to improve themselves and their business.”

Attendees also had the chance to hear from keynote speakers, Carine Clark, president and CEO of Banyan, and Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse. Trussel shared with the audience some of the strategies he used when deciding whether to leave Microsoft to start up Glympse. He said it’s imperative for those starting out to network with, and learn from, other entrepreneurs.

“One of the really useful things for me when I was trying to decide if I was going to leave the comforts of Microsoft…I would go talk to a lot of CEOs,” said Trussel. “Anybody who’s been through many years at a company has takeaways; where they were super successful, where they floundered, where they had a huge flameout. There’s really good learning there.”

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