“The Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance, along with the business community across the state, are thrilled the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has chosen Salt Lake City to bid for a future Olympic Winter Games,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance and member of Utah’s Olympic Exploratory Committee.

“Utah welcomed the world in 2002 and the benefits are immeasurable. The Winter Olympics introduced Utah to the world and helped establish the state as a premier destination for tourism and business. Former Chamber president, Lane Beattie, played a key role as chief state Olympic officer in creating Utah’s Olympic legacy, as did Utah’s business community which helped win, plan and carry out the 2002 Games.  The current Chamber team is ready and eager to revise this role for a new Winter Olympics.

“Utah is a globally minded state and an internationally engaged state and nothing represents internationalism better than the Olympic Games. It’s undeniable that Utah is once again ready to host the world, and the Salt Lake Chamber and Utah’s business community is fully engaged in presenting the best case for why Salt Lake City is still the right place.”