SALT LAKE CITY (November 28, 2018) – Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber, issued the following statement on the Utah Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding the redevelopment of the former Cottonwood Mall:

“Utah has the fastest growing population and the fastest growing economy.  This is great for our state, but even success brings its own challenges. It is not good enough to just grow.  We must grow smart. One symptom of growth is the housing affordability challenge that, if left unaddressed, will become a crisis.  The impacts go far beyond simply finding an affordable place to live, to potentially eroding the very foundation of our economic prosperity. The Salt Lake Chamber, through our Housing GAP Coalition, has been working with local communities and the private sector to enact common sense policies to address this problem. As we prepare for the 2019 General Legislative Session, the Chamber will lead the charge for smart growth policies that provide clarity and certainty for developers, cities and residents on Utah’s referendum laws.  This certainty is essential to our continued economic success. ”