SALT LAKE CITY (FEB. 13, 2018) – The Salt Lake Chamber Executive Board formally voted in support of SCR001S02, Concurrent Resolution Recommending Replacement of the Statue of Philo Farnsworth located in the United States Capitol.

The contributions of Philo Farnsworth have been felt far and wide, as an inventor and pioneer in television technology. He will forever be a champion to the State of Utah.

The statue is to be replaced by Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon, a renowned woman of Utah who was elected in 1896 as the first female state senator in the United States and was a great supporter for women’s rights.

Cindy Crane, president and CEO of Rocky Mountain Power, executive board member of the Salt Lake Chamber, said, “2020 will mark the 150th anniversary of women getting to vote in Utah and the anniversary of the 19th amendment. It is significant for Utah and Dr. Hughes Cannon led that fight.”



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Marisa Bomis