Despite rising inflation and recent stock market instability, the great resignation is showing few signs of slowing down. In fact, data from June 2022 shows a 4% increase in the percentage of people who voluntarily left their job compared with one year ago.

Some areas of the country are better than others for those seeking new opportunities or looking to grow their careers.

In a new study, SmartAsset analyzed data for 200 of the largest U.S. metro areas to uncover where people have the best access to career opportunities, considering nine different metrics, including median earnings, income growth, job diversity, and median housing costs, among others.

The findings show that the Salt Lake City metro area ranked among the top 10 best places for career opportunities in the nation.

Salt Lake City, Utah metro area ranks best on employment and earnings metrics. Since 2019, the median earnings have increased by 16.90% over a two-year period to $46,900 which is the sixth-highest increase across all metro areas in this study. Salt Lake City also has the 15th-lowest unemployment rate for May 2022 (2.2%).

SmartAsset’s full report, including the methodology, key findings and infographics, can be found here.