This past month, Rep. Mike Schultz, House Committee Transportation Chair, gave an exclusive recap of the top transportation bills of the 2017 legislative session to the Salt Lake Chamber’s Utah Transportation Coalition. Rep. Schultz discussed how the Utah Transportation Coalition played a central role in these issues and gave a behind the scenes look into the legislative process behind these policies.

Looking to the Future

In 2016, Utah was the fastest growing state in the nation and projections show this growth is not  expected to stop anytime soon. Utah’s business community works closely with the governor and legislators to prevent problems and tackle tough issues. This combination of careful planning and tenacious problem-solving keeps Utah ahead of other states facing the same challenges.

And that’s exactly what S.B. 174, Public Transit and Transportation Governance Amendments is designed to do. The bill builds on the successful collaboration behind Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan with a new Transportation Governance and Funding Task Force.

“We have got to start looking at funding for other modes and how to better align land use decisions and transportation investments,” Rep. Schultz told the group.

The Task Force will evaluate best practices regarding multimodal transportation to support mobility, safety, economic growth and quality of life. The Task Force will analyze and make recommendations on a wide variety of topics, including:

    • Governance, coordination, oversight and operational structures of transportation.
    • Funding needs, current state and local funding sources, future projections and alternative transportation revenue mechanisms.
    • The interrelationship of growth, land use, capital development and transportation.

The 16-member Task Force will  be comprised of the following appointments:

    • Two members of the Senate appointed by the Senate President, one being co-chair
    • One member appointed by the Senate President, representing the private sector
    • Two members of the House appointed by the House Speaker, with one as co-chair
    • One member appointed by the House Speaker, representing the private sector
    • Three members appointed by the Governor, one representing the private sector
    • One member designated by the Utah Transportation Commission, one by the UTA Board, and one by the Utah League of Cities and Towns
    • Two members designated by the Utah Association of Counties, with one representing a rural county
    • One member designated by the Mountainland Association of Governments
    • One member who is the Chair of the Wasatch Front Regional Council

This Task Force provides an excellent opportunity to build on the success Utah has already had in collaboratively planning and investing in Utah’s multimodal transportation system.

The Utah Transportation Coalition is a group of business and civic leaders working together to protect Utah’s environment, improve the economy and preserve our quality of life through strategic transportation investments. The Coalition is an established, long-term organization advocating specifically for responsible transportation investment to keep Utah’s economy moving.