One of Prosperity 2020’s primary objectives is to ensure that Utah is ranked within the Top Ten US states for high school graduation by the end of this decade.    We are currently ranked just 25th in the nation, so we clearly have our work cut out for us.   Fortunately, we also have an impressive record of raising graduation rates that serves as a model for high schools statewide.

Roy High School raised its single-year graduation rate from 71% in 2014 to 96% in 2015.   That level of success is the basis of Senate Bill 67 sponsored by Senator Ann Milner and supported by Prosperity 2020.

How did Roy High accomplish a 15-point improvement in just one year?  Principal Gina Butters organized her team of faculty and community mentors to identify Roy High’s most at-risk students.  Next they reached out to them, encouraged them back to class, and finally inspired them to complete their graduation requirements.

Mentoring high-risk seniors was just one plank of a K-12 platform of programs and services envisioned and accomplished by Roy High, the 11 schools that feed into it, and a community-wide coalition of community partners called the Roy Cone.  Similar educational improvements have been realized by students of all ages within the Roy community.

Senate Bill 67 provides funding for up to 10 additional communities to build Cones of their own to replicate Roy’s success.  Prosperity 2020 is a proud partner of the Roy Cone and applauds Senator Millner’s efforts to expand its proven record of success throughout Utah.