Since 1963, the United States has recognized small businesses and their impact on American culture and economy. The month of May aims to honor our nation’s 28 million small businesses and the amazing people who run them.

This year the Salt Lake Chamber is honoring the entrepreneurs, business innovators and startup creators in our local community, demonstrating our renewed commitment to them. Throughout the month of May the Chamber will highlight several businesses making a difference in Utah business and the local community.

Feature: Publik Coffee Roasters

“This city, our city, is on the rise, and we’re fanning the flame. We believe in quality over quantity, community over corporate, planet over profit and sweating the small and the big stuff.

We roast, grind, brew and repeat. We sip, swish, spit and compare. Our drive to serve the flawless cup of coffee is all consuming and we’ve been known to blur the fine line between aficionados and addicts.

We’re humbled by the love and passion of the coffee farmer. We’re inspired by the craft and the quality of the coffee pioneers who came before us. We’re emboldened by the artisanship of devoted roasters and baristas among us.

We chose the name Publik because it means, “community.” We believe that coffee breeds community and coffee houses are the anchors that ground them. We are Publick Coffee Roasters.”

We spoke with Missy Greis of Publik Coffee Roasters to give us an inside look at the business.

Tell us about your business and how it began. 

We started with our flagship on West Temple in 2014, which houses our coffee roastery, a 4,000 square foot event venue and three meeting rooms, as well as a two story coffee house. We opened Publik Kitchen, a breakfast place on 9th & 9th, in January which serves our coffee and a full breakfast & lunch menu created from as many locally sourced foods as possible. We make our own granola and pastries here, both of which we serve at our other two locations. Our Publik coffee house in the Avenues opened in February and serves the same coffee, artisan toast, our granola and pastries. Our roastery’s activities are fully solar powered and we subscribe to the greenest practices we can with recycling and composing in all three locations.

What are 3 words you would use to describe your business.

Publik is Dutch for “community” or gathering. Publik is definitely community driven, dynamic and lively. It is our customers that make it happen.

What do you see or hope to see for your business in the future?

We’re growing our wholesale coffee business and are always looking to create new wholesale connections in Salt Lake, but also anywhere in Utah and outside of Utah, too.

Why did you join the Chamber? 

I joined the Chamber because we believe in local business and glean so much from connecting with other members, as well as the support the Chamber gives through various event and resources

What advice would you give people just starting out?

It’s about creating an environment and something different. Location is important, but not always the most important piece. Hire the best staff you can and empower them to do not only their job, but to be thinking about ways it can be done even better.

What makes small local businesses special?

Salt Lake City makes it easy to become familiar with other small business owners; the camaraderie and mutual support is amazing.

Why should people care about local businesses?

Caring about local business is important because you’re not just becoming a customer, you’re supporting a neighbor and families as well as creating community.

What would you tell other small business owners? Or those that are thinking of becoming one? 

Connect, collaborate and ask advice of other local business owners. Take risks where you can and always be strategic and forward thinking.

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