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Since 1963, the United States celebrates Small Business Week to recognize the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. This year the Salt Lake Chamber is honoring the extraordinary accomplishments, determination and dedication of small business owners in Utah. 

Throughout the first week of May, the Salt Lake Chamber is highlighting businesses making a difference in Utah and the local community.

2019 National Small Business Week

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Why Small Businesses Should Be Using Video
BW Productions

Video is one most important tools in a marketing toolbox. Gone are the days where billboards and TV commercials get you the best bang for your buck — welcome to our new digital age. One of our clients put it best, “if a picture is worth a thousand words, video is geometrically more powerful of a medium.” Find out five reasons why you should be using video for your business.


Opening Doors & Shattering Ceilings: Get to Know The Wave
Joanna Smith, founder, The Wave

Every year, the Salt Lake Chamber celebrates National Small Business Week by highlighting small businesses and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in Utah’s business and local community. In this Building Utah podcast we hear from Joanna Smith, founder of The Wave.

The Wave is Utah’s first co-working space and social club for women and marginalized genders. Officially opened in May, The Wave is already starting a waiting list for members looking to join. More than just a co-working space, The Wave is also a social club that offers its members childcare, admittance to special events, as well as professional and personal services.


The In’s and Out’s of Small Business Valuation

Understanding the value of your business is crucial. This is true whether you are looking to raise funds to expand, admit new partners, incentivize key employees, or retire and capitalize on your hard work and effort. While not as easy to measure as a bank account balance, understanding the value of your business may prove vital to appropriately planning for your future.

Business valuation can be quite simple or highly complex depending on how accurate the estimate needs to be. For a basic indication of value, you’ll first need to understand your earnings. This may mean any number of things, so its important to clarify. Large Public companies tend to look at Net Income (using terms such as earnings per share), but for many small businesses, Net Income becomes a bit less reliable of a measure. A more nuanced version of earnings will probably be more appropriate depending on your business.


No Time for Off-season Rest as DPS Skis Continues to Grow
Alex Adema, COO, DPS Skis

Although ski season has come to a close for most, DPS Skis new Salt Lake factory and headquarters is swarming with activity as we enter our 14th year. Operating a seasonal business doesn’t mean work only occurs half of the year. In fact, it might be helpful to have another month or two on our side this summer as we prepare to deliver Fall 2019 products.

As the largest domestic manufacturer of skis (most skis are made in Europe and Asia), the summer months are some of the most important when it comes to production, sales forecasting, and long term planning. It’s a time when most of our team is in our Salt Lake office, instead of on the road, and we can sit down and look to the future.


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