This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Company culture is a clear indicator of how an organization interacts with its employees and customers. Jason Beardall of England Logistics is here to discuss how their company culture is creating business success and the optimum customer experience.


At England Logistics, our mission is to move logistics forward one employee, one customer, one community at a time. Our team has worked hard to build an organization with a culture known to create opportunities for employee growth and contributions to the community. This translates into the industry’s best experience for our customers, comprised of shippers and carriers all across America.

At England Logistics, we define culture as the core character of an organization, not something that you dictate or that comes from company events and free soda. Rather, it’s derived from the character and values of those who make up our team – individuals who perpetuate our culture and bring a strong pattern of success to each interaction with our customers, vendors, and the community. This results in high customer satisfaction and positive business outcomes.

As England Logistics continues to grow in Salt Lake City and Ogden – as well as in offices nationwide – we know our success will be attributed to an established culture embraced by our team.


England Logistics is leading the way in defining true “company culture.” Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.