This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Over the past year, our nation’s healthcare professionals have risked their own physical and mental health to keep the rest of us healthy. MGIS’s mission to provide “insurance healthcare professionals expect” is more important now than ever before. Here to tell us more is president of MGIS, Jeff Brunken.


Serving clients in all 50 states, MGIS is the nation’s leading provider of disability insurance for healthcare professionals in group practice. MGIS offers disability insurance solutions built specifically for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals are generally high earners who rely on specialized skills to make their living. They need disability insurance that protects them with these facts in mind. We’re working on a few innovative projects that will allow us to expand the coverage we provide to these heroes in a unique way.

We recently celebrated our first 50 years in business, and we’re excited to continue to lead our industry in serving healthcare professionals for the next 50 years. At MGIS, we offer the foresight to anticipate income protection and specialized insurance needs while helping partners adapt within a constantly evolving healthcare environment. We strive to deliver both the right amount and the right type of insurance coverage.


MGIS is proud to have served thousands of physicians and dentists in all group sizes nationwide. For more information, visit I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.