This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  For more than one hundred years, WCF Insurance has protected Utah businesses.  It began as an innovative approach to insure against financial ruin caused by workplace accidents.  Today, that spirit of service and innovation endures, as WCF has led by example during the coronavirus crisis – including a half-million-dollar donation to support small businesses throughout our state.  Here’s WCF CEO Ray Pickup.


WCF Insurance was founded by the state of Utah in 1917.  Although we now write workers compensation insurance in every state, Utah is our home.  We are grateful to be able to serve our community and the businesses we insure.

When COVID-19 struck, we heeded the Governor’s call to “Stay Safe, Stay Home.”  Virtually all our employees are working from home.  Through the WCF Foundation, we reached out to provide immediate support to others including money to support housing and healthcare initiatives and provide personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.  We worked with Silicon Slopes on

This grant to the Chamber is to support small businesses during this crisis.


The grant from WCF came with only one condition: help small businesses, and it will be used to provide urgent assistance before federal funding arrives.  This is the spirit of giving—the spirit of innovation and leadership that elevates life in Utah.  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.