This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  Though it seems like forever, less than three weeks ago Governor Herbert established the Utah Economic Task Force to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on our state’s economy.  The Governor assigned me to serve as chairman and gave us the commission promote best practices and innovative processes for businesses dealing with the coronavirus and to provide a clearinghouse of information and technology resources.

Our highest priority is to make sure that businesses have access to programs, funding, and accurate information.  More than 1.2 million fellow Utahns are dependent on these resources, and we want you to know where to find them.

All you need to remember is  Again, that’s  There you can receive up-to-the-minute information and find links that will guide you to invaluable resources.

For example, this Friday the Marriner S. Eccles Institute will host an online lecture series on Navigating COVID-19 with former Governor Mike Leavitt leading the first session on “How to Save Your Business.”  These lectures will provide you an opportunity to learn what loans are available from the federal and state governments, how to work with the IRS to get tax relief, and where to receive technical assistance.

Don’t miss this opportunity.  You’ll be surprised by how much is available to you, your company, family, and community.  But it all begins at  I’m Derek Miller, of the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”